Sunday, January 28, 2007

Unwind-The Power

The wind is blowing across the pond as the ducks scamper out of the water. Bursts of sun beams glisten through the swaying branches of trees giving the illusion of diamonds falling from the sky. Smells of firewood fill the air as the first real taste of winter has finally arrived at the sanctuary. I had put on an extra layer of clothes to keep me warm as I decided to visit Snorkel.

Snorkel was laying in a bright sunny spot when I arrived. He appeared to be asleep when I noticed a blink of an eye. "Hi Snorkel," I said. "Am I disturbing you?" He groaned as he raised his head and started chuffing. "I am surprised to see you on this cold day," he said. "Coming out to the sanctuary and connecting with nature makes me feel good," I replied. "Do you know why that happens?" he asked. "It is quiet and gives me a chance to unwind," I said.

"Unwind is a power word," Snorkel said. I looked at him and knew I was a thought away from seeing unwind from a different perspective. "Invert the "w" and you have unmind. In order to unwind, you quiet your mind. It becomes no mind and therein lies the power. You can create anything because you are present moment." Snorkel's life purpose is guiding us to understand the evolution of our language and use it in higher ways as we remember we have ears of an angel.