Friday, January 26, 2007

The Shadow Knows

Warming himself in the sun, I thought I was quietly approaching Shadow and he wouldn't notice me, when I saw a slight movement of his head. I stopped and became very still. I felt the rays of the sun shining through the trees light upon the top of my head. Butterflies appeared from behind the logs as they floated by. Guineas came from no where and were squawking and running towards me. Three hawks were screeching as they flew overhead. I wondered what had shifted when I heard a very familiar voice who I knew would have the answer. I could hardly wait for the explanation as I was ready to hear What The Shadow Knows.

"It was quiet just a few moments ago," I said to Shadow. "What happened to create all this activity?" "Floating blessings," Shadow said. "Floating blessings, Shadow?" I asked. "As you approached me, you were respectful and were creating an environment in which you were inviting something special into your life," he explained. "Nature responded and you were playing host to winged creatures." I was still trying to see the connection when Shadow smiled and said, "Think of winged creatures as floating blessings. They appear out of nowhere when you least expect them and carry messages only the heart can receive. You just received a lot of blessings." Every time I see a winged creature, I give thanks for the blessing and pass the blessing on because of what The Shadow Knows.