Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Shadow Knows

"Meow. Meow. Meow." No matter where I am in the sanctuary, I can always hear Shadow when he talks. He is a master in communication. "Meow. Meow. Meow." I smiled to myself as he continued to talk. He was intent on being heard. I thought, "Take a deep breath, Shadow." As quick as the thought entered my mind, Shadow gave me the knowing there was a message in taking a deep breath, and I could hardly wait to ask what The Shadow Knows.

The closer I got to his Cat-A-Tat, the quieter he became. I saw Shadow sitting at the foot of his den sniffing the air. Is this how a cougar takes a deep breath? Why does a cougar need to take a deep breath? Thoughts were rapidly coming to my mind when I heard Shadow say, "What are the scents that you gather from the air when you take a deep breath?" I started to name several stinky things when Shadow asked, "Does the air expand your awareness?" I knew from years of practicing breathing techniques, altered states of consciousness could be achieved; however, Shadow gave me the sense there was something much deeper that was to be revealed.

Finally, I asked him to help me understand how taking a deep breath of stinky air could expand my awareness. "Taking a deep breath can make a huge difference in your perspective," he said. "It grounds you in the moment instead of in the future or the past, and in the moment, you realize you are breathing the same molecules that have circulated the Earth for eons." As I took a deep breath, my awareness of sharing the same air that enlightened beings also took inside their bodies long ago exploded within me, and the scents of change, transition, and knowing all is well opened me to a new level of joy. Taking a deep breath helps to circulate the love with others as they breathe the same air. I knew this was another way to share the love in your heart as The Shadow Knows.