Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bongo's Talking Stick

Bongo is one of the friendliest Servals residing at the sanctuary. He knows we all want to be heard, to be able to speak freely without interruption and voice our opinions without fear of judgment. This is critical to our BEING. Bongo can also be seen playing with sticks. He wants to introduce you to "The Talking Stick" which has assured people of all cultures and ethnicities a means of just and impartial hearings for centuries.

Curl up in your favorite chair and close your eyes. Ask Bongo to give you a vision of the ceremonial talking stick. Some nations use a feather, peace pipe or some other sacred instrument that commands the respect of all. The holder of the talking stick may speak as long as they want while everyone else remains silent and listens respectfully. In honoring the power of words, the speaker is expected to speak truthfully from the heart.

In the home, couples and families can keep the talking stick in a convenient place such as the family room or dinning room where it serves as a reminder to speak honestly and listen respectfully. In addition to helping resolve conflicts, the talking stick can be brought out to encourage the sharing of happy thoughts, memories and to help with healing. With your eyes still closed, give Bongo your talking stick to keep the connection open from your heart to his with gratitude.