Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Banjo's Aromatherapy

Banjo, a Binturong or "Bear Cat", has a unique way of helping people connect with their inner "senses." He has a distinct fragrance that smells like buttered popcorn. He will come to greet visitors and communicate with them through the sense of smell. It awakens something deep within them, even though few are aware that Banjo's aroma has provided more than a tasty smell of popcorn.

If you are ready to hang out with Banjo, spread out in a comfortable place, take in a deep breath as you allow your body to relax. As you continue to deeply breathe, Banjo is helping you to move slowly into a deep state of relaxation. Visualize a temple in Greece or Egypt, and breathe in the incense that is being burned. Choose a fragrance you enjoy. See sticks of incense burning as the power of the fragrant smoke directs the course of your thoughts and influences the rhythms of your body. Feel the natural time the incense connects you with as the sticks burn completely down.

Banjo knows smell holds the power to soothe, arouse, excite, ground and center us.
In the Chinese tradition, burning three upright sticks of incense can give you insight into what the future holds. Smell is an ancient form of communication we have forgotten. Thank Banjo for communicating one of his favorite spiritual practices using "aromatherapy."