Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Armani Code

Armani, a beautiful African Spotted Leopard, has a code she lives by. She knows there is no reason, excuse, or justification for treating ourselves with anything less than unconditional love. We deserve to give and receive it. It is our utmost responsibility in this life to discover what unconditional love really is so that we can be in the position to place it into our experience of our outer world. This is the greatest service we can render to humanity. The code she lives by is simple:

Unconditional love is for giving.
Unconditional love is forgiving.

Our journey into uncovering the nature of this great mystery starts with having compassion towards ourselves as Armani reveals. Compassion founded on personal understanding is the root of all forgiveness. When we understand, compassion flows from our hearts. Forgiveness is the balm that heals the hurt caused by the misunderstandings that breed judgment. By forgiving ourselves for the learned errors in our own behavior, we automatically forgive the world. The Armani Code-live it.