Wednesday, January 31, 2007


The cats ask, "WHAT IF........You were aware and remembered only through awareness are you able to see. Would you take a closer look at what we show you?"

Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Playing in water is my favorite activity. I like to run through the water coming from the hoses or swim in my pool. I am not perfect even though you think I am. You will be fascinated when you see me. I will stalk you and try to spray you when you least expect it. I have definite ideas about what I like and don't like. It isn't easy to get me to change my mind. I enjoy all the attention I receive. Don't think too long about Who I Am or I will disappear in a flash of light.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Unwind-The Power

The wind is blowing across the pond as the ducks scamper out of the water. Bursts of sun beams glisten through the swaying branches of trees giving the illusion of diamonds falling from the sky. Smells of firewood fill the air as the first real taste of winter has finally arrived at the sanctuary. I had put on an extra layer of clothes to keep me warm as I decided to visit Snorkel.

Snorkel was laying in a bright sunny spot when I arrived. He appeared to be asleep when I noticed a blink of an eye. "Hi Snorkel," I said. "Am I disturbing you?" He groaned as he raised his head and started chuffing. "I am surprised to see you on this cold day," he said. "Coming out to the sanctuary and connecting with nature makes me feel good," I replied. "Do you know why that happens?" he asked. "It is quiet and gives me a chance to unwind," I said.

"Unwind is a power word," Snorkel said. I looked at him and knew I was a thought away from seeing unwind from a different perspective. "Invert the "w" and you have unmind. In order to unwind, you quiet your mind. It becomes no mind and therein lies the power. You can create anything because you are present moment." Snorkel's life purpose is guiding us to understand the evolution of our language and use it in higher ways as we remember we have ears of an angel.
Watch the latest edition of CatHeart Whispers with our own animal communicator Laura Lluellyn-Lassiter.

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Friday, January 26, 2007

The Shadow Knows

Warming himself in the sun, I thought I was quietly approaching Shadow and he wouldn't notice me, when I saw a slight movement of his head. I stopped and became very still. I felt the rays of the sun shining through the trees light upon the top of my head. Butterflies appeared from behind the logs as they floated by. Guineas came from no where and were squawking and running towards me. Three hawks were screeching as they flew overhead. I wondered what had shifted when I heard a very familiar voice who I knew would have the answer. I could hardly wait for the explanation as I was ready to hear What The Shadow Knows.

"It was quiet just a few moments ago," I said to Shadow. "What happened to create all this activity?" "Floating blessings," Shadow said. "Floating blessings, Shadow?" I asked. "As you approached me, you were respectful and were creating an environment in which you were inviting something special into your life," he explained. "Nature responded and you were playing host to winged creatures." I was still trying to see the connection when Shadow smiled and said, "Think of winged creatures as floating blessings. They appear out of nowhere when you least expect them and carry messages only the heart can receive. You just received a lot of blessings." Every time I see a winged creature, I give thanks for the blessing and pass the blessing on because of what The Shadow Knows.

Thursday, January 25, 2007


The cats ask, "WHAT IF........You were aware and remembered the power you seek lies within yourself. Would animals be free or captive?"

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Banjo's Aromatherapy

Banjo, a Binturong or "Bear Cat", has a unique way of helping people connect with their inner "senses." He has a distinct fragrance that smells like buttered popcorn. He will come to greet visitors and communicate with them through the sense of smell. It awakens something deep within them, even though few are aware that Banjo's aroma has provided more than a tasty smell of popcorn.

If you are ready to hang out with Banjo, spread out in a comfortable place, take in a deep breath as you allow your body to relax. As you continue to deeply breathe, Banjo is helping you to move slowly into a deep state of relaxation. Visualize a temple in Greece or Egypt, and breathe in the incense that is being burned. Choose a fragrance you enjoy. See sticks of incense burning as the power of the fragrant smoke directs the course of your thoughts and influences the rhythms of your body. Feel the natural time the incense connects you with as the sticks burn completely down.

Banjo knows smell holds the power to soothe, arouse, excite, ground and center us.
In the Chinese tradition, burning three upright sticks of incense can give you insight into what the future holds. Smell is an ancient form of communication we have forgotten. Thank Banjo for communicating one of his favorite spiritual practices using "aromatherapy."

Monday, January 22, 2007


Although I am not a "real" cat, you will fall in love with me. I take baby steps and move slow. I will follow you anywhere. Affectionate is my middle name especially if you feed me marshmellows. I climb trees and lay on the large ropes in my Cat-A-Tat. I will make you ask questions and stimulate your senses. I enjoy your companionship. You can learn from me. I will steal your heart when you least expect it. I want to look into your eyes so come close and see Who I Am.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

To Scratch With Love

There are forces in this world that shift our world and how we see it. If you have ever visited Big Cat Rescue, you feel a mystical and powerful force once you enter the gate. One of the cats who embodied this mystical force was Scratch.

Scratch wanted the children to remember him. On tours, they would "oooooh" and "ahhhhh" when they heard how old Scratch was and especially when they were told how many human years that represented. He was the oldest living cougar in captivity. No one ever knew how long he would choose to stay around, but year after year, Scratch grew more healthy and enjoyed being at the sanctuary. A large cougar with a huge heart describes his essence. Although he has made his transition to a heavenly realm, he continues to change the world of everyone who crossed his path.

We honor his transition and no longer see a senior cougar sleeping late in the morning. We see a magnificent spirit who chose to live among us in captivity so we could start to remember and awaken to the love that is always waiting for us to embrace. Seeing the world through the eyes of our hearts-We bless you Scratch, and thank you for changing the way we see life. We will never be the same.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Watch the latest edition of CatHeart Whispers with our own animal communicator Laura Lluellyn-Lassiter.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bongo's Talking Stick

Bongo is one of the friendliest Servals residing at the sanctuary. He knows we all want to be heard, to be able to speak freely without interruption and voice our opinions without fear of judgment. This is critical to our BEING. Bongo can also be seen playing with sticks. He wants to introduce you to "The Talking Stick" which has assured people of all cultures and ethnicities a means of just and impartial hearings for centuries.

Curl up in your favorite chair and close your eyes. Ask Bongo to give you a vision of the ceremonial talking stick. Some nations use a feather, peace pipe or some other sacred instrument that commands the respect of all. The holder of the talking stick may speak as long as they want while everyone else remains silent and listens respectfully. In honoring the power of words, the speaker is expected to speak truthfully from the heart.

In the home, couples and families can keep the talking stick in a convenient place such as the family room or dinning room where it serves as a reminder to speak honestly and listen respectfully. In addition to helping resolve conflicts, the talking stick can be brought out to encourage the sharing of happy thoughts, memories and to help with healing. With your eyes still closed, give Bongo your talking stick to keep the connection open from your heart to his with gratitude.

Monday, January 15, 2007


I talk and talk. As soon as I see you, I start talking. I am very friendly. I am also very good looking with big beautiful eyes. I like to follow you around as you clean my home. I can get aggressive when food is served, but it's meal time. I am very gentle and enjoy having people come and talk with me. I like alot of attention. Nothing goes on without my knowing about it. I am curious and will check out everything. You may be tempted to pet me, but watch out! I have very sharp claws. Should I keep talking or do you know Who I Am?


The cats ask, "WHAT IF........You were aware and remembered you could change the world with one thought. What thought would you use to change the world for animals?"

Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Shadow Knows

"Meow. Meow. Meow." No matter where I am in the sanctuary, I can always hear Shadow when he talks. He is a master in communication. "Meow. Meow. Meow." I smiled to myself as he continued to talk. He was intent on being heard. I thought, "Take a deep breath, Shadow." As quick as the thought entered my mind, Shadow gave me the knowing there was a message in taking a deep breath, and I could hardly wait to ask what The Shadow Knows.

The closer I got to his Cat-A-Tat, the quieter he became. I saw Shadow sitting at the foot of his den sniffing the air. Is this how a cougar takes a deep breath? Why does a cougar need to take a deep breath? Thoughts were rapidly coming to my mind when I heard Shadow say, "What are the scents that you gather from the air when you take a deep breath?" I started to name several stinky things when Shadow asked, "Does the air expand your awareness?" I knew from years of practicing breathing techniques, altered states of consciousness could be achieved; however, Shadow gave me the sense there was something much deeper that was to be revealed.

Finally, I asked him to help me understand how taking a deep breath of stinky air could expand my awareness. "Taking a deep breath can make a huge difference in your perspective," he said. "It grounds you in the moment instead of in the future or the past, and in the moment, you realize you are breathing the same molecules that have circulated the Earth for eons." As I took a deep breath, my awareness of sharing the same air that enlightened beings also took inside their bodies long ago exploded within me, and the scents of change, transition, and knowing all is well opened me to a new level of joy. Taking a deep breath helps to circulate the love with others as they breathe the same air. I knew this was another way to share the love in your heart as The Shadow Knows.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


The cats ask, "WHAT IF........You were aware and remembered we, as a species, are continuing to evolve as sentient beings. Would you exploit us for economic gain?"

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Armani Code

Armani, a beautiful African Spotted Leopard, has a code she lives by. She knows there is no reason, excuse, or justification for treating ourselves with anything less than unconditional love. We deserve to give and receive it. It is our utmost responsibility in this life to discover what unconditional love really is so that we can be in the position to place it into our experience of our outer world. This is the greatest service we can render to humanity. The code she lives by is simple:

Unconditional love is for giving.
Unconditional love is forgiving.

Our journey into uncovering the nature of this great mystery starts with having compassion towards ourselves as Armani reveals. Compassion founded on personal understanding is the root of all forgiveness. When we understand, compassion flows from our hearts. Forgiveness is the balm that heals the hurt caused by the misunderstandings that breed judgment. By forgiving ourselves for the learned errors in our own behavior, we automatically forgive the world. The Armani Code-live it.

Monday, January 08, 2007

The Gift of Little Feather

Little Feather starts the day by giving the gift of herself. She knows she can help you smile when you are down or help you practice the way you entice her to be seen. She helps without the expectation of anything in return. This small Southern Bobcat shares a different perspective about helping others by helping you see the unseen.

Enter the realm of the unseen by closing your eyes and relaxing. Little Feather knows there are many obvious ways to help. Then, there is the kind of help that may not be seen as being an act of assistance such as learning a new language so you can talk to more people, inviting someone who isn't motivated enough to exercise on their own to join you on your daily walk, sharing flowers from your garden, offering to babysit for a busy parent or donating pet food to an animal shelter. She also asks you to think about helping the world by picking up one piece of trash off the street everyday, choosing not to drive your car once a week, planting a tree or throwing wildflower seeds onto a vacant lot that will help the lives of others including birds and insects.

You can help Little Feather by sending her a heart hug. She has shared an ancient truth-helping others is the best way you can help yourself.

Thursday, January 04, 2007


Need a helper? Look no further. I will follow you wherever you may go to assist you. My passion is helping who ever needs it. It makes me feel good. I sometimes try to reach out and touch you, so always be watching me. I will come if you call me unless I am curled up in the sun dreaming. I have a close relationship with my neighbors. I am very affectionate and will make you feel good. Do you need help guessing Who I Am?

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


The cats ask, "WHAT IF........You were aware and remembered we act as mirrors for triggering the subtle emotions within you that you call "issues." Would you use the immediate feedback to heal yourself?

Monday, January 01, 2007

A Heart-ist At Work

A simple message comes forth today to start the New Year. Takoma lives with other Bobcats. He comes out to greet the tours and checks out what is going on. He is a beautiful Bobcat. In addition, he is very lovable. He knows he has a good home and doesn't have to worry about food. His Cat-A-Tat provides him with nooks and crannies he can hide in and find peace. Takoma is a Heart-ist at work dedicated to changing people's hearts using tools of love and gratitude to uplift, inspire, and empower the people he greets. He will help you re-awaken the joy, love, and gratitude that is stored within your heart. Create a new life by joining Takoma and be a Heart-ist at work in 2007.