Sunday, December 31, 2006

We Will Remember You

Taking a deep breath, the cougar sighs for the last time as he feels his body relax and lets go.

As we speak his name, a vision of a paw with no claws reaches for a twig that has fallen from the tree. The cougar plays with the stick, batting it back and forth until its reduced size provides little interest. Newly formed blades of grass are chewed as delicacies with appreciation. Big brown eyes peek over his dirt covered den as he watches his keepers come to clean and take care of him. Always excited to see people when they come by, he plays hide and seek and shows off his athletic ability. His love for people cannot be denied. The gratitude he feels in his heart for living at the sanctuary can be felt. The cougar has a heart that is bigger than his purr.

Squeaker shares his vision of how he wants us to remember him. His purpose in life was finished, and he was ready to go. No longer in pain, he is running free and being a wild cougar again. Our lives are forever changed because Squeaker shared his life with us. Although time was short, our hearts are quiet now as we promise him, we will remember you.