Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Shadow Knows

Holidays are always a mixed bag of feelings. I have a friend who found out she has an incurable disease. As I was talking to some of the cats today, I was sharing with them how I have known several people who choose to pass over at this time of the year. One voice spoke up over the others. I knew who it was and couldn't wait to hear what his perspective was about a doctor telling someone they have an incurable disease.

"Shadow," I said, "there is no known cure for this disease. When a doctor tells you, there is no cure, there is no cure. Our society believes that certain diseases have no known cures." Shadow sat patiently as I continued to babble about the confusion the family is going through.

"Everything will always appear incurable," he said, "when you are listening to someone or something. All they will see is what the physical is communicating to them." As he spoke, I thought, Shadow has finally seen my point of view. He understands what I have been saying to him. Shadow gave me a couple of blinks with his eyes, as though he was showing me how to clear my eyes, when I heard him say, "When you hear something is incurable, see it as in-curable. Nothing is ever cured from going outside of yourself. Only when you go IN(side of yourself) is something curable. In-curable is a life sentence, not a death sentence."

A change in perspective. A transformed life in the BLINK of two eyes. Doctors could learn from what The Shadow Knows.