Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Nyla Loving Herself

Have you ever found yourself in a new experience that confused you? Nyla, a beautiful Asian leopard, had such an experience early in her life. She was preoccupied with other's opinions. As a result, Nyla didn't take care of her family members. As time has passed, Nyla misses being with her brother, Simba, and family is now very important to her. She sits in a special place in her Cat-A-Tat so she can see Simba everyday. She has practiced a technique she wants you to know that can help you realize what is important to you.

Stretch out in a comfortable position. Ask Nyla to assist you as you bring your attention to your heart. Start to breathe deeply and slowly. Do not force the breath. Visualize the air coming in and leaving through the center of your heart. Allow a genuine feeling of appreciation for yourself and someone you care about in your life to increase with every breath you take. Send this feeling to yourself and to the other person. Try to sustain this for 5 minutes. It may take practice to build up to 5 minutes. As you do this, you create a new reference point for locking into the power of your heart.

Practicing this technique will generate in yourself the positive energy of appreciation, compassion, love, and care. You will begin to identify what is truly important to you in your life. You will be transforming yourself first, then the other person and your environment. You will acquire new values. Nyla has learned to love herself first and shares with us, it is never too late to care about those you love. Blow a heart kiss to Nyla and thank her that through her heart power, you are realizing yours.