Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Mystical Bengali

"Oooh, Ahhh," is often heard when people first catch a glimpse of Bengali. He embodies a mystical quality that keeps him in tune with life. The secret to this quality is being flexible. Bengali creates flexibility in his body when he stretches and plays in the water. Not only does he have fun, but being flexible in his body helps him to bend without breaking and be willing to change or be changed in order to accommodate new circumstances.

Bengali encourages you to allow him to show you how to become flexible in your mind. He knows this will enable you to take advantage of opportunities and have fun as you open to situations that were not planned as life surprises you. Find a comfortable place and stretch out. Close your eyes and ask Bengali to stretch out beside you. Every day, you have opportunities to create limberness in your mind by stretching mentally. Start by picturing yourself driving home and taking a different route. Other simple techniques include change the order in which you put on your shoes, when cleaning your home, do it in reverse from your usual routine, play sports with your non-dominant hand, answer the phone with the opposite hand and continue to change your daily routines. Performing these small acts, the rigidity that has been created by performing the same tasks over and over in the same way will start to dissolve. You will see things not seen before. You will align yourself with the harmony of life. When changes come your way, you will be able to accommodate and flow with the new. Any attachments will be gone.

People will notice something mystical about you as you flow and not get caught up in the drama of life. They will know there is more to you than meets the eye. You can share with them how the unseen becomes visible when you are having fun simply by stretching. Thank Bengali for helping you to remember the full moon is not the only place you can find the LIGHT.