Friday, December 15, 2006

Cougar Chronicles

The cubs have been settling into their new home for a couple of months. They have all the amenities any cat would want. A three bedroom Cat-A-Tat with a swimming pool complete with exotic landscaping. They are getting used to being in the public eye and since they are still youngsters, cubs will be cubs.

One day, Orion heard people talking about their swimming abilities. He asked Artemis, better known as "Baby" if they should get in the water. He explained to her he heard cougars are not supposed to like the water, but they loved it. Confused, they decided to ask Sabre, their surrogate father, to explain why they liked the water if that was not natural for cougars.

Sabre was excited the cubs were seeking his advice. He told the cubs it is all about imagination. What you can imagine, you can do and according to Sabre, imagination is one of the most important aspects of your BEING that fades away as you get older. Anything is possible when you don't know it's not. Keep swimming and make "humbugs (anything or anyone who tells you it is impossible) an extinct species" as the cubs jumped in the water.