Sunday, December 31, 2006

We Will Remember You

Taking a deep breath, the cougar sighs for the last time as he feels his body relax and lets go.

As we speak his name, a vision of a paw with no claws reaches for a twig that has fallen from the tree. The cougar plays with the stick, batting it back and forth until its reduced size provides little interest. Newly formed blades of grass are chewed as delicacies with appreciation. Big brown eyes peek over his dirt covered den as he watches his keepers come to clean and take care of him. Always excited to see people when they come by, he plays hide and seek and shows off his athletic ability. His love for people cannot be denied. The gratitude he feels in his heart for living at the sanctuary can be felt. The cougar has a heart that is bigger than his purr.

Squeaker shares his vision of how he wants us to remember him. His purpose in life was finished, and he was ready to go. No longer in pain, he is running free and being a wild cougar again. Our lives are forever changed because Squeaker shared his life with us. Although time was short, our hearts are quiet now as we promise him, we will remember you.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Precious Finding Home

Even though people pass by Precious's home every day, she feels safe and peaceful. She feels safe because she has become her own foundation. There are many definitions of "home." Precious knows the process of evolution may require you to undergo some transformations that may require you to move to a new home. She wants to share her vision of home that will enable you to feel safe enough to let down your guard, be peaceful enough to really relax, and loved enough to want to return day after day.

When you are ready, ask Precious for permission to "hang out" with her in her tree. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Precious asks a simple question-"What is your definition of home?" Does home mean a place where your basic needs are met or a place where you draw strength and tranquility or is it somewhere you can be yourself and accepted? Precious wants you to know these qualities need not be linked to any single space. She sees home as any space or state of being that fulfills you, provided you are at peace with yourself and your surroundings.

The way Precious has become her own foundation is allowing her perspective of home to be a feeling she carries inside herself wherever she is. Simply put, you will know home when both your physical environment and energetic surroundings are in harmony with the individual you are within. A blending of this definition of home gives credence to the old saying, "Home is where the heart is." Be grateful for finding a Precious new home.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Look at me sitting high and happy in my tree. Don't get too close or else I will hiss and spit. I like having my own home and feel safe where I am. I am quiet, reserved, and usually stay to myself. Some will think I am hard to get to know, but it's only a defense I use because I don't trust people. I am easy to get along with and easily blend where ever I am. I am a peaceful spirit. Can you guess Who I Am?

Monday, December 25, 2006


Talking with the cats this morning, I was sharing with them this special day. Some of them communicated their feelings of disconnection from their natural environments. Even though the sanctuary provides a safe and clean home, it is no substitute for where they should call home. In helping a few of the cats today, it brought awareness to my mind they were also helping those who are away from family and friends and maybe feeling "blue."

All of the cats wanted to help, so I am sharing a link you can pass along to someone who is having a rough day being separated from family. You can call any day at any time. There is no charge for the call and it is available 24 hours a day. Long distance charges may apply depending on where a call is originating. People from several countries are available on "The Work Hotline." Languages represented are English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Danish. These skilled facilitators will walk you through any issue you want to talk about using "The Work," which is a simple, effective process of "breakingthrough."

If you are not familiar with "The Work", it is a powerful and transformative process. Click on the link and be assisted with love, clarity and dedication. Give all of the cats at Big Cat Rescue a heart hug and thanks as they send you a Christmas "Pre-sent" with love and hugs to you this Christmas day.

Saturday, December 23, 2006


The cats ask, "WHAT IF........You were aware and remembered we have a life purpose. Would you help us to achieve it?"

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Give It A Rest

Today marks the beginning of a season of slumber, the winter solstice. The cats remind us that in times past, bare-limbed trees, long nights, and the biting chill of winter signified to all that the time had come to slow down. Humanity emulated the animals, retreating into cozy dwellings where they sustained themselves on foods harvested late in autumn and passed the time in peaceful reflection. Living in a warm climate, most people proceed through this period of time ignoring the profound effects that not being in rhythm with the natural cycles has on their bodies.

Many animals would not give birth in the springtime if it were not for the period of dormancy that is the gift of this season. Their example can inspire us to use this season of slumber to cleanse ourselves of spiritual and emotional detritus so we may emerge refreshed and renewed when spring arrives. Allow the cats to help your body articulate the desire to rest, daydream, lay in the sun, reconnect with nature and regenerate. Honor and respect the natural gift provided for us to give it a rest.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The 12 Cats of Christmas

The cats wanted to have some fun during the holidays. Here is their version of "The 12 Cats of Christmas."

On the first day of Christmas, the Big Cats said to me, "Do you see how gorgeous Reno is sitting in his favorite oak tree?"

On the second day of Christmas, the Big Cats said to me, "Do you see how Cameron and Zabu run, play and act so care free?"

On the third day of Christmas, the Big Cats said to me, "Do you see how Aquarius and Pisces have gone on an underwater, all day fishing spree?"

On the fourth day of Christmas, the Big Cats said to me, "Do you see how Shere Khan tells China Doll "NO" with a big, powerful plea?"

On the fifth day of Christmas, the Big Cats said to me, "Do you see how after all these years, Mr. E still remains a mystery?"

On the sixth day of Christmas, the Big Cats said to me, "Do you see how Sultan jumps, climbs, and tries to get you with such glee?"

On the seventh day of Christmas, the Big Cats said to me, "Do you see how servals tolerate anything but only to a degree?"

On the eighth day of Christmas, the Big Cats said to me, "Do you see how Shatia and Dances are excited to once again become We?"

On the ninth day of Christmas, the Big Cats said to me, "Do you see how happy Scratch is to lay around, sleep and do nothing but BE?"

On the tenth day of Christmas, the Big Cats said to me, "Do you see how when you try to approach little Nico, how quickly she will flee?"

On the eleventh day of Christmas, the Big Cats said to me, "Do you see how Artemis, Orion and Ares are the special cougars three?"

On the twelfth day of Christmas, the Big Cats said to me, "Do you see how "No More Peacocks" on this, we all can agree?"

Merry Cat-Mas and A Happy New Year

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Ty Using His Resources

Ty is Ty. He is a beautiful, exotic cat. It doesn't matter how sweet he is or tame he may appear, he is a wild cat by nature. Unfortunately, the family who bought him from a breeder thought he would be perfect for their child. The family believed some generalizations about wild cats that did not give them the experience they wanted. As a result, Ty will now spend his natural life enclosed in an unnatural environment.

Ty wants to share how he perceives his experience with you. Come rest with him under his favorite palmetto bush and close your eyes. Take a deep breathe and relax. Ty asks a question-Do you think of generalizations being good or bad? This is important because we give meaning to everything we believe. We then take the meaning and respond to it which gives us the experiences we have in life. If we are not experiencing the life we want, we can change the generalizations in the way we think of them. Instead of good and bad, Ty perceives generalizations and beliefs as resources.

In other words, is this generalization or belief going to manifest the results I want? Is it resourceful to me or not? An easy way to discern what your generalizations or beliefs are is look at the results you have created in your life right now. The family believed Ty would make a good pet. If this belief had produced the results they wanted, Ty would not live at Big Cat Rescue. Their belief was not resourceful to them. It was not resourceful for Ty either. Think of beliefs and generalizations as resources instead of good or bad to assist you in creating the life you want. Ty knows this will change your life because it did his. Send a heart thought thanking Ty for sharing with you a new way of understanding resources.

Sunday, December 17, 2006


I was so cute as a kitten, I was bought as a pet. The people generalized wild cats can make good pets if they are small enough. I now live here because I am me. I am a sweet boy, but still a wild cat. My favorite place to sleep is under a palmetto bush. You have to look close to see me. I get my picture taken alot from people who can find me. I like to chase bugs and butterflies. I am quick at eating them. Hissing is how I say hello. See if you know Who I am.

Saturday, December 16, 2006


The cats ask, "WHAT IF........You were aware and remembered we make choices in our lives? Would you interfere with our choices?"

Friday, December 15, 2006

Cougar Chronicles

The cubs have been settling into their new home for a couple of months. They have all the amenities any cat would want. A three bedroom Cat-A-Tat with a swimming pool complete with exotic landscaping. They are getting used to being in the public eye and since they are still youngsters, cubs will be cubs.

One day, Orion heard people talking about their swimming abilities. He asked Artemis, better known as "Baby" if they should get in the water. He explained to her he heard cougars are not supposed to like the water, but they loved it. Confused, they decided to ask Sabre, their surrogate father, to explain why they liked the water if that was not natural for cougars.

Sabre was excited the cubs were seeking his advice. He told the cubs it is all about imagination. What you can imagine, you can do and according to Sabre, imagination is one of the most important aspects of your BEING that fades away as you get older. Anything is possible when you don't know it's not. Keep swimming and make "humbugs (anything or anyone who tells you it is impossible) an extinct species" as the cubs jumped in the water.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Shadow Knows

Holidays are always a mixed bag of feelings. I have a friend who found out she has an incurable disease. As I was talking to some of the cats today, I was sharing with them how I have known several people who choose to pass over at this time of the year. One voice spoke up over the others. I knew who it was and couldn't wait to hear what his perspective was about a doctor telling someone they have an incurable disease.

"Shadow," I said, "there is no known cure for this disease. When a doctor tells you, there is no cure, there is no cure. Our society believes that certain diseases have no known cures." Shadow sat patiently as I continued to babble about the confusion the family is going through.

"Everything will always appear incurable," he said, "when you are listening to someone or something. All they will see is what the physical is communicating to them." As he spoke, I thought, Shadow has finally seen my point of view. He understands what I have been saying to him. Shadow gave me a couple of blinks with his eyes, as though he was showing me how to clear my eyes, when I heard him say, "When you hear something is incurable, see it as in-curable. Nothing is ever cured from going outside of yourself. Only when you go IN(side of yourself) is something curable. In-curable is a life sentence, not a death sentence."

A change in perspective. A transformed life in the BLINK of two eyes. Doctors could learn from what The Shadow Knows.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Nyla Loving Herself

Have you ever found yourself in a new experience that confused you? Nyla, a beautiful Asian leopard, had such an experience early in her life. She was preoccupied with other's opinions. As a result, Nyla didn't take care of her family members. As time has passed, Nyla misses being with her brother, Simba, and family is now very important to her. She sits in a special place in her Cat-A-Tat so she can see Simba everyday. She has practiced a technique she wants you to know that can help you realize what is important to you.

Stretch out in a comfortable position. Ask Nyla to assist you as you bring your attention to your heart. Start to breathe deeply and slowly. Do not force the breath. Visualize the air coming in and leaving through the center of your heart. Allow a genuine feeling of appreciation for yourself and someone you care about in your life to increase with every breath you take. Send this feeling to yourself and to the other person. Try to sustain this for 5 minutes. It may take practice to build up to 5 minutes. As you do this, you create a new reference point for locking into the power of your heart.

Practicing this technique will generate in yourself the positive energy of appreciation, compassion, love, and care. You will begin to identify what is truly important to you in your life. You will be transforming yourself first, then the other person and your environment. You will acquire new values. Nyla has learned to love herself first and shares with us, it is never too late to care about those you love. Blow a heart kiss to Nyla and thank her that through her heart power, you are realizing yours.

Monday, December 11, 2006


I have changed quite a bit in the last several years. Family wasn't very important to me; however, as I have grown older, family is one of the most important things to me. I sit and wait to see my brother. I miss him so much. I sometimes want to have some babies, but I have already had two. One is living here at the sanctuary. I am a beautiful cat. I love to run and hide from you and then surprise you as you come close to my Cat-A-Tat. Think of my brother and daughter, and you will know Who I Am.

Sunday, December 10, 2006


"For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others." Although Nelson Mandela spoke these words, Cleo, the smallest cougar at Big Cat Rescue, embodied the essence of this truth. Her freedom, limited only by the harness that was embedded in her skin when she first arrived, represented the boundless spirit that would not be denied. The desire to be free was so strong, she endured great pain and suffering to allow a harness to be cut from her tiny body without biting or attacking.

Everyone will miss Cleo's physical presence at Big Cat Rescue. She was a shy spirit that didn't make herself known to alot of people. She had great respect for everyone who cared for her. She gave the founder, Carole Baskin, the freedom she needed to help her when her need was great. Cleo's desire was to have people become aware of what freedom truly is-allowing others to be who they are without control and domination. A tiny cougar who will continue to speak to the hearts of the spirits transforming our current world of limitation bringing forth the realization of the power of ONE. Thank you Cleo for your message of freedom and hope.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Mystical Bengali

"Oooh, Ahhh," is often heard when people first catch a glimpse of Bengali. He embodies a mystical quality that keeps him in tune with life. The secret to this quality is being flexible. Bengali creates flexibility in his body when he stretches and plays in the water. Not only does he have fun, but being flexible in his body helps him to bend without breaking and be willing to change or be changed in order to accommodate new circumstances.

Bengali encourages you to allow him to show you how to become flexible in your mind. He knows this will enable you to take advantage of opportunities and have fun as you open to situations that were not planned as life surprises you. Find a comfortable place and stretch out. Close your eyes and ask Bengali to stretch out beside you. Every day, you have opportunities to create limberness in your mind by stretching mentally. Start by picturing yourself driving home and taking a different route. Other simple techniques include change the order in which you put on your shoes, when cleaning your home, do it in reverse from your usual routine, play sports with your non-dominant hand, answer the phone with the opposite hand and continue to change your daily routines. Performing these small acts, the rigidity that has been created by performing the same tasks over and over in the same way will start to dissolve. You will see things not seen before. You will align yourself with the harmony of life. When changes come your way, you will be able to accommodate and flow with the new. Any attachments will be gone.

People will notice something mystical about you as you flow and not get caught up in the drama of life. They will know there is more to you than meets the eye. You can share with them how the unseen becomes visible when you are having fun simply by stretching. Thank Bengali for helping you to remember the full moon is not the only place you can find the LIGHT.

Monday, December 04, 2006


I am mystical. You feel it when you see me, but you don't know what it is. My stripes and color are tied to the full and new moons. My swimming abilities are associated with the water elements. I have a special relationship with the unseen. There is more to me than meets the eye. I like to feel things with my big paws. Scratching trees allows me to stretch and enjoy feeling my body move in different ways. I am very friendly and am a favorite on the tours. Does tonight's full moon shed any light on Who I Am?

Friday, December 01, 2006


The cats ask, "WHAT IF........You were aware and remembered I could show you things you have forgotten about yourself. Would you be ready to see them?"