Monday, November 13, 2006

The Shadow Knows

It's clean up time at Big Cat Rescue. Projects that had been delayed due to the summer rains are now in process. All the extra growth of plant life can now be removed as it settles into it's cycle of rest. Fallen leaves litter the ground, and weeds that stood tall, droop their heads letting us know we are in transition of a new season. I was checking out the area I was going to clean when I heard Shadow talking. I couldn't resist his invitation, so off I went to hear what he was saying.

As I approached his Cat-A-Tat, he sat down and stared at his neighbor's home. "Shadow, I heard you calling me. Now, I am here, and you are quiet." He didn't move a muscle. He kept staring at something I obviously was missing. I looked around...and around...and around. My mind was wandering off as it was making a check list of the cleaning tasks. Noticing the dry, dusty ground around me, Shadow said, "The only green grass left is over there." He gave me the sensation of where to look. Now, I knew what he was staring at, and he was right. The old saying, "The grass is always greener on the other side," immediately came to mind.

"Does that empower you?" he asked. "No," I replied, "but it is a belief that we have been raised to accept as truth." "Take your eyes off the green grass over there, and look at the dirt in my home. What do you see?" As I did what Shadow asked, I quit seeing that his neighbor had something he didn't have. Instead, I became aware of a process in action. It was only a matter of time before the green gave way to brown. There was no difference, only a matter of timing. "Change your point of observation, and you will change what there is to see," Shadow said. It is a simple way of using your power to change your world as The Shadow Knows.