Thursday, November 02, 2006

A Rose Blossoms

A beautiful Caracal, Rose is shown with her brother, Rusty. She lives in her own Cat-A-Tat and Rusty lives with another Caracal, Sassy. Rose has a dream of having a companion. Even though her dream has not yet manifested, she initiates action everyday that brings her closer to her dream becoming a reality. What does she do, you may ask, to bring her dream into manifestation?

Rose asks you to snuggle up next to her and close your eyes as you relax. Ask yourself what your heart wants to do. You may not know because your heart has been silent for a long time. When you know, focus only on that dream. Do not think about how it is going to happen. Direct your energy and intention as you feel and see yourself living your dream. Now, Rose wants you to think literally of a rose. The rose begins as a tiny bud with it's leaves tightly closed to protect itself. As it matures, the leaves open one by one until it blossoms into a beautiful rose. It has realized its dream.

Dreams manifest step by step, not by force, but by allowing things to flow and unfold. Rose has shared a powerful yet simple way to begin a dream process. Thank Rose as your heart has begun to open to the beauty in your dreams.