Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Raindance, Meeter and Greeter

Raindance, also known as Miss Friendly, Miss Purrsonality, Rainey and a number of other names, meets and greets guests as they come to Big Cat Rescue. She always leaves you with a good feeling. Purring and smiling for pictures, Raindance knows how to make your heart smile.

Raindance asks that we pause from our busy day for a moment to consider one of her special qualities. She shares heart smiles. She asks the question, "What do you do when you meet a stranger on the street?" Raindance shares a smile. She knows that could be the only smile the person receives all day. We never know what kind of day they are experiencing, or that the person may not have anyone to come home to and your smile would make a difference in their day. Raindance knows that when a person thinks about the smile you shared with them, it warms their heart. Tomorrow, smile at everyone you meet, and you will feel that special something that Raindance gives to everyone she meets and greets that has no name.