Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Inspirational Reno

Reno, a beautiful Asian Spotted Leopard, loves to play. His selection of objects to interact with are numerous as he looks around his Cat-A-Tat. They aren't fancy or cost a lot of money. He is surrounded by the simplicity of nature. Reno never complains. He starts his playtime by sitting and observing what is around him. As soon as something catches his eye, he slowly starts to move his muscles into position to ready himself for the perfect moment to play.

One of Reno's favorite, natural things to play with is a big, old tree. Did you ever stop to ask why cats sit in trees? He wants to share his reason for stretching out on the limbs of a tree. He knows a forgotten technique that you can add to your playtime that will inspire you. Ask Reno to guide you to a place where you can find a tree that catches your eye. Reno will help you find the perfect one. When you find it, walk up to it and give a blessing of thanks that it has called you to it. Get as close as you can to the tree and hug it. Put your arms around it. Be still. BECOME one with it. Allow your heart to speak to the tree. Allow the tree to speak to your heart. Ask the tree a question. You WILL hear a message that will inspire you.

Give Reno thanks and a heart hug as he has inspired you to look and play with trees in a (k)new way. You now know what he is doing when you see him in his favorite tree. You also now have a new play friend who will share love and inspiration with you when you need it.