Sunday, November 12, 2006

Hercules Unchained

Cold, weak and weary, the snow leopard slowly crept up the side of the mountain until his destination became visible. He slowly raised his head to take one last glance at his surroundings before disappearing into the opening of the cave. Once inside, he continued to go deeper and deeper until he found the perfect resting place. He had made it home.

A few days earlier, as he was stalking his prey, a cunning villager had been waiting for him. The snow leopard quietly cornered his prey as he duplicated every movement the sheep made until he positioned himself for the kill. It had been three days since his last meal, and he had to exercise patience to ensure his success. Moving with precise timing, he leaped high in the air, but before he made contact with the sheep, a burning sensation pelted through his thick fur and scorched his skin. Although the bullet had only grazed him, he was injured and had to leave his meal behind.

Safety could be found at a distance, and the snow leopard knew it would take everything he had to live. He started his journey and as the pain spread through his body, he kept moving even though he wanted to hide and rest. His mind and body worked together in harmony to manifest his will to survive.

As Hercules gave me this vision, he asked me if I knew how he created what he needed. I told him I understood he used his mind over matter to manifest his survival. "It is not mind over matter," Hercules said. "Mind BECOMES matter. The mind and body are one. There is no separation. Do you see the connection? Mind over matter is only an illusion." As Hercules spoke these words to me, I realized he had just shared a key to manifest what you want effortlessly from a higher way of BEING.