Thursday, November 30, 2006

An Extra "E"

Walking down the path, I was headed towards Snorkel's Cat-A-Tat. My mind was still thinking about a situation that had happened earlier in the day. I had gotten upset about someone not doing what they said they would do, and I had to rearrange my whole schedule and was not pleased about it. Snorkel was chuffing as he came to greet me.

"Take an extra E," Snorkel said as I stood there telling him the story. "An extra E?" I asked. Snorkel asked if I had ever noticed the similarities between react and create. I thought for a moment and realized they had the same letters, arranged differently and create had an extra E. "How do I use an extra E to create?" I asked Snorkel. "Think of the E as effort." I was lost. How could an E create, I asked myself. Snorkel chuffed and chuffed. It was apparent, he was enjoying this conversation.

"Instead of giving your power away by reacting to what appears to be, use a little extra "E"ffort to create a new and better experience for yourself. When you create, you keep your power. When you react, you give it away. Choose to see the situation different, and you will BE using your power to manifest what you want." Snorkel helped me to see taking an extra "E" a day will help me to create a better world.