Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Cheetaro's Survival Guide

Cheetaro's life experiences have been varied and most challenging. Imagine for a moment it is snowing outside, and the temperature is 28 degrees. The wind is gusting creating a wind chill -15 degrees. The only dry spot is on the cold concrete where you have been laying since the snow started falling and if you move, you will be forced to sleep in the cold, wet snow. But, that's not the challenging aspect of this experience. There is no escape or shelter of any kind. You are in a cage and must endure the storm. What do you do to survive and move forward in your life?

The above scenario is one that Cheetaro experienced on a daily basis before being rescued. He knows how to survive and move forward. When you are ready, Cheetaro has a technique to share with you and invites you to rest with him on his mountain in the sunshine. Lay down on your back and close your eyes. Let out a deep sigh. Feel the warmth of the sun caressing your body and warming your skin. There is no place to go and nothing that needs to be done. As you soak up the healing rays of the sun, become aware of your breath. Feel and hear yourself breathe. As you go deeper inside, you are harmonizing with the earth. You are becoming One with the earth. The energy in your body is increasing. As the frequency increases, you will rise above any challenge you may be experiencing. You leave the lower circumstance and see the experience from a higher perspective because of the increase in frequency. Ancient wisdom will speak to you, and you will know what to do to be free and protect yourself.

Cheetaro uses this technique daily to guide him. His heart is open to receive love and gratitude from your heart as you remember a forgotten survival technique that he has shared with you. Pass this healing ray of wisdom along to others who need help surviving and moving forward from a challenging experience. Cheetaro did.