Friday, November 03, 2006

Are you feeling Go(o)d?

As the cool weather approaches, everything wants to romp and play. I was singing James Brown's big hit, "I feel good" as I walked down Tiger Lane today. I kept humming the "dadadadada" part of the song when Snorkel came out to join me singing the song. Our eyes connected, and as I sang to him, he conveyed this thought to me, "I feel Go(o)d." I immediately stopped. I knew from my previous conversations with Snorkel that he is a master at the alphabet and when we talk, the general rule of paw is he changes one letter in a word to present a different perspective that is very profound. I asked Snorkel why he gave me the impression of the o in parentheses. Snorkel replied, "Do you see a difference if you take the o out of good?" I thought it over again. Suddenly, it hit me. "I feel Go(o)d. I feel God." There is no difference. When I feel Go(o)d, I feel God. They are One and the same. I smiled at Snorkel and started singing again, this time with the ears of an angel.