Thursday, November 30, 2006

An Extra "E"

Walking down the path, I was headed towards Snorkel's Cat-A-Tat. My mind was still thinking about a situation that had happened earlier in the day. I had gotten upset about someone not doing what they said they would do, and I had to rearrange my whole schedule and was not pleased about it. Snorkel was chuffing as he came to greet me.

"Take an extra E," Snorkel said as I stood there telling him the story. "An extra E?" I asked. Snorkel asked if I had ever noticed the similarities between react and create. I thought for a moment and realized they had the same letters, arranged differently and create had an extra E. "How do I use an extra E to create?" I asked Snorkel. "Think of the E as effort." I was lost. How could an E create, I asked myself. Snorkel chuffed and chuffed. It was apparent, he was enjoying this conversation.

"Instead of giving your power away by reacting to what appears to be, use a little extra "E"ffort to create a new and better experience for yourself. When you create, you keep your power. When you react, you give it away. Choose to see the situation different, and you will BE using your power to manifest what you want." Snorkel helped me to see taking an extra "E" a day will help me to create a better world.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Inspirational Reno

Reno, a beautiful Asian Spotted Leopard, loves to play. His selection of objects to interact with are numerous as he looks around his Cat-A-Tat. They aren't fancy or cost a lot of money. He is surrounded by the simplicity of nature. Reno never complains. He starts his playtime by sitting and observing what is around him. As soon as something catches his eye, he slowly starts to move his muscles into position to ready himself for the perfect moment to play.

One of Reno's favorite, natural things to play with is a big, old tree. Did you ever stop to ask why cats sit in trees? He wants to share his reason for stretching out on the limbs of a tree. He knows a forgotten technique that you can add to your playtime that will inspire you. Ask Reno to guide you to a place where you can find a tree that catches your eye. Reno will help you find the perfect one. When you find it, walk up to it and give a blessing of thanks that it has called you to it. Get as close as you can to the tree and hug it. Put your arms around it. Be still. BECOME one with it. Allow your heart to speak to the tree. Allow the tree to speak to your heart. Ask the tree a question. You WILL hear a message that will inspire you.

Give Reno thanks and a heart hug as he has inspired you to look and play with trees in a (k)new way. You now know what he is doing when you see him in his favorite tree. You also now have a new play friend who will share love and inspiration with you when you need it.

Monday, November 27, 2006


I am a beautiful cat. You can find me sitting in my tree or balancing on a limb. I used to be a performer before I retired. I enjoy being silly and chase water. I am very active. I could play all day. I always find things to play with in my home. One of my favorite things is when I get a tube filled with spices and special things that make me feel good. I like seeing people when they come by. Who Am I of all the beautiful cats living at the sanctuary?

Thursday, November 23, 2006


The cats ask, "WHAT IF........You were aware and remembered we, as a species, have a culture and family structure. Would you destroy and eliminate it?"

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Raindance, Meeter and Greeter

Raindance, also known as Miss Friendly, Miss Purrsonality, Rainey and a number of other names, meets and greets guests as they come to Big Cat Rescue. She always leaves you with a good feeling. Purring and smiling for pictures, Raindance knows how to make your heart smile.

Raindance asks that we pause from our busy day for a moment to consider one of her special qualities. She shares heart smiles. She asks the question, "What do you do when you meet a stranger on the street?" Raindance shares a smile. She knows that could be the only smile the person receives all day. We never know what kind of day they are experiencing, or that the person may not have anyone to come home to and your smile would make a difference in their day. Raindance knows that when a person thinks about the smile you shared with them, it warms their heart. Tomorrow, smile at everyone you meet, and you will feel that special something that Raindance gives to everyone she meets and greets that has no name.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Who Am I?

Hello everyone. I am Miss Friendly. I love to come out and see the people taking my picture. You can call me, and I will sneak through the bushes to see you. I am a little overweight, but, it doesn't slow me down. I love to be groomed. I help to introduce you to the sanctuary, and I will leave you with a good feeling. People never forget me. I am full of purrsonality. If someone asks you what is special about me, they won't exactly know what is it, but I have it. I have heard I have charisma. Do you feel you know Who I Am?

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Things are rapidly changing in the world today. The mind can hardly keep up with everything that is going on. Many people are feeling lost and confused because they can't make sense out of current events or why things are happening in their lives. I have been talking with the cats and asking for their help. The love they have for us is so powerful, they agreed to help us. They are very excited to share with us their perspectives about what is going on in the world. So......they asked me a question. WHAT IF.........

After several cats asked me a WHAT IF question, I saw a pattern emerging. By asking these WHAT IF questions, I could see a shift in action occurring regarding my perspective about what is going on in the world. The questions started to change me from the inside. As I became more aware of what they were asking me, my responses to events changed without any effort on my part. It was an "Aha" moment as the light shined forth. I hope you enjoy the wisdom that will create a perspective shift in action the cats have been helping me to remember by asking "WHAT IF."

The cats ask, "WHAT IF........You were aware and remembered I understood everything you said to me? Would you choose your words differently?"

Monday, November 13, 2006

The Shadow Knows

It's clean up time at Big Cat Rescue. Projects that had been delayed due to the summer rains are now in process. All the extra growth of plant life can now be removed as it settles into it's cycle of rest. Fallen leaves litter the ground, and weeds that stood tall, droop their heads letting us know we are in transition of a new season. I was checking out the area I was going to clean when I heard Shadow talking. I couldn't resist his invitation, so off I went to hear what he was saying.

As I approached his Cat-A-Tat, he sat down and stared at his neighbor's home. "Shadow, I heard you calling me. Now, I am here, and you are quiet." He didn't move a muscle. He kept staring at something I obviously was missing. I looked around...and around...and around. My mind was wandering off as it was making a check list of the cleaning tasks. Noticing the dry, dusty ground around me, Shadow said, "The only green grass left is over there." He gave me the sensation of where to look. Now, I knew what he was staring at, and he was right. The old saying, "The grass is always greener on the other side," immediately came to mind.

"Does that empower you?" he asked. "No," I replied, "but it is a belief that we have been raised to accept as truth." "Take your eyes off the green grass over there, and look at the dirt in my home. What do you see?" As I did what Shadow asked, I quit seeing that his neighbor had something he didn't have. Instead, I became aware of a process in action. It was only a matter of time before the green gave way to brown. There was no difference, only a matter of timing. "Change your point of observation, and you will change what there is to see," Shadow said. It is a simple way of using your power to change your world as The Shadow Knows.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Hercules Unchained

Cold, weak and weary, the snow leopard slowly crept up the side of the mountain until his destination became visible. He slowly raised his head to take one last glance at his surroundings before disappearing into the opening of the cave. Once inside, he continued to go deeper and deeper until he found the perfect resting place. He had made it home.

A few days earlier, as he was stalking his prey, a cunning villager had been waiting for him. The snow leopard quietly cornered his prey as he duplicated every movement the sheep made until he positioned himself for the kill. It had been three days since his last meal, and he had to exercise patience to ensure his success. Moving with precise timing, he leaped high in the air, but before he made contact with the sheep, a burning sensation pelted through his thick fur and scorched his skin. Although the bullet had only grazed him, he was injured and had to leave his meal behind.

Safety could be found at a distance, and the snow leopard knew it would take everything he had to live. He started his journey and as the pain spread through his body, he kept moving even though he wanted to hide and rest. His mind and body worked together in harmony to manifest his will to survive.

As Hercules gave me this vision, he asked me if I knew how he created what he needed. I told him I understood he used his mind over matter to manifest his survival. "It is not mind over matter," Hercules said. "Mind BECOMES matter. The mind and body are one. There is no separation. Do you see the connection? Mind over matter is only an illusion." As Hercules spoke these words to me, I realized he had just shared a key to manifest what you want effortlessly from a higher way of BEING.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Cheetaro's Survival Guide

Cheetaro's life experiences have been varied and most challenging. Imagine for a moment it is snowing outside, and the temperature is 28 degrees. The wind is gusting creating a wind chill -15 degrees. The only dry spot is on the cold concrete where you have been laying since the snow started falling and if you move, you will be forced to sleep in the cold, wet snow. But, that's not the challenging aspect of this experience. There is no escape or shelter of any kind. You are in a cage and must endure the storm. What do you do to survive and move forward in your life?

The above scenario is one that Cheetaro experienced on a daily basis before being rescued. He knows how to survive and move forward. When you are ready, Cheetaro has a technique to share with you and invites you to rest with him on his mountain in the sunshine. Lay down on your back and close your eyes. Let out a deep sigh. Feel the warmth of the sun caressing your body and warming your skin. There is no place to go and nothing that needs to be done. As you soak up the healing rays of the sun, become aware of your breath. Feel and hear yourself breathe. As you go deeper inside, you are harmonizing with the earth. You are becoming One with the earth. The energy in your body is increasing. As the frequency increases, you will rise above any challenge you may be experiencing. You leave the lower circumstance and see the experience from a higher perspective because of the increase in frequency. Ancient wisdom will speak to you, and you will know what to do to be free and protect yourself.

Cheetaro uses this technique daily to guide him. His heart is open to receive love and gratitude from your heart as you remember a forgotten survival technique that he has shared with you. Pass this healing ray of wisdom along to others who need help surviving and moving forward from a challenging experience. Cheetaro did.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Who Am I?

I like to hang out in my tree so I can see everything that is happening. Sunbathing is one of my favorite activities. It helps me to forget the cold weather and snow that I grew up with and staying outside without much shelter. My favorite spot to lay in the sun is on top of my mountain. I remember I had to lay on a hard floor when I was young, and now, I like the dirt and grass. I was separated from a female I loved so much and think of her often. I don't understand where she has gone, but miss her so much. Knowing what I had to endure, do you know Who I Am?

Friday, November 03, 2006

Are you feeling Go(o)d?

As the cool weather approaches, everything wants to romp and play. I was singing James Brown's big hit, "I feel good" as I walked down Tiger Lane today. I kept humming the "dadadadada" part of the song when Snorkel came out to join me singing the song. Our eyes connected, and as I sang to him, he conveyed this thought to me, "I feel Go(o)d." I immediately stopped. I knew from my previous conversations with Snorkel that he is a master at the alphabet and when we talk, the general rule of paw is he changes one letter in a word to present a different perspective that is very profound. I asked Snorkel why he gave me the impression of the o in parentheses. Snorkel replied, "Do you see a difference if you take the o out of good?" I thought it over again. Suddenly, it hit me. "I feel Go(o)d. I feel God." There is no difference. When I feel Go(o)d, I feel God. They are One and the same. I smiled at Snorkel and started singing again, this time with the ears of an angel.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

A Rose Blossoms

A beautiful Caracal, Rose is shown with her brother, Rusty. She lives in her own Cat-A-Tat and Rusty lives with another Caracal, Sassy. Rose has a dream of having a companion. Even though her dream has not yet manifested, she initiates action everyday that brings her closer to her dream becoming a reality. What does she do, you may ask, to bring her dream into manifestation?

Rose asks you to snuggle up next to her and close your eyes as you relax. Ask yourself what your heart wants to do. You may not know because your heart has been silent for a long time. When you know, focus only on that dream. Do not think about how it is going to happen. Direct your energy and intention as you feel and see yourself living your dream. Now, Rose wants you to think literally of a rose. The rose begins as a tiny bud with it's leaves tightly closed to protect itself. As it matures, the leaves open one by one until it blossoms into a beautiful rose. It has realized its dream.

Dreams manifest step by step, not by force, but by allowing things to flow and unfold. Rose has shared a powerful yet simple way to begin a dream process. Thank Rose as your heart has begun to open to the beauty in your dreams.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Who Am I?

My home is on the tour path. I enjoy having company all day. I like to follow the keepers and am very friendly. I am so sweet and tame. I will often come to you when you call my name. I like to see what is going on around me. I don't think of myself as a cat even though I have dainty feline features. I am a snuggler and very affectionate. My dream is to have a companion. Think of beauty, and you will guess Who I Am.