Friday, October 13, 2006

Snorkel's Reflections

Snorkel is a master at "chuffing." His greetings always bring a smile to my face. Today was no different as I approached his Cat-A-Tat. After several minutes of saying hello, he stopped and gave me an intense stare. I knew he had something important he wanted to share with me. All I heard were the words ME and WE. My mind immediately repeated the two words. My feelings were questioning what Snorkel was communicating. I heard him start to chuff again and an intense feeling of love and warmth surrounded me.

"If you look in water, you see yourself. It is ME who I am looking at. But, look closer because you will see reflected back to you, WE. You are never alone." Join me as I send a wave of gratitude to Snorkel thanking him for sharing a short and simple lesson on how to develop the ears of an angel.