Monday, October 30, 2006

Shere Power

Day after day, I sit in this small carrier that I have outgrown long ago. My nose presses against the wires of the door creating a pressure that makes it difficult for me to breathe. My nose is shaped by my inability to back up in my small pet carrier and grows flatter every day. I cannot stand up and move around as the walls of the only home I have ever known contract and restrict my activities. I do not get fresh food daily and if I do not eat all of it, I am forced to lay down on top of it. I sleep in what my body has eliminated through the day as my home is not cleaned unless someone remembers to clean me. My back legs have not developed right because I do not get the exercise I need. I feel sick most of the day because I do not get good food or care. I was told I was born "the wrong color" and no one wanted me, so they put me in this small home and forgot about me. I know someday, I will grow to be big and strong because I feel this power in my heart.

Shere Khan has experienced the darkness before the light. His early life contracted before it expanded. At times, he felt as though he was stuck in a room with no windows and no way out. He felt confused and discouraged not understanding why his life started in such an unnatural way. However, he was patient and perservered. He found the strength within to survive this constrictive way of life. Today, he is a beautiful tiger because of the good food, vitamins, plenty of room to exercise and a committment from Big Cat Rescue. The love that was given him from everyone at the sanctuary is being returned back to those in need from Shere Khan.

You may be wondering why you are facing constrictions even though you are doing good in the world, following your dreams and working on your personal growth. You may be feeling some panic as things are tight and mentally working overtime trying to figure out why things are happening the way they are. Shere Khan's message to you comes in the form of Shere Power, the kind of power that can only be found in your heart. Look to the natural world for inspiration as you observe surrender as part of a process of being born to a new way of being. In that surrender and in the center of your heart, you will find a willingness to trust in the unknown as you remember that your spirit is growing big and strong. Think of Shere Khan when you think things will never change. Allow the power in his heart to help awaken the power in your heart and soon you will see the light.