Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Shadow Knows

The feel of cool is finally in the air. Everything appears to be taking a deep sigh as the summer heat is now gone. I have been enjoying the crisp breezes in the morning as I volunteer at the sanctuary. Yesterday as I was cleaning the Cat-A-Tat's, I kept tripping over fallen branches and limbs. Quietly, I was thinking, "What a mess." Reaching down to pick up yet another branch, I no sooner had it in my hand when I heard, "Why is it a mess?" I looked up and saw Shadow sitting in front of me with closed eyes and sniffing the air. I watched him as he moved his head slowly to the right and then to the left, observing his nose constantly at work.

"The wind comes flying through here and snaps the branches from the trees creating this mess," I replied. Shadow continued to sniff the air acting as though he didn't hear me. I proceeded to pick up the debris and was about ready to leave when he said, "Do you see how the gusts of wind help you?"

Sweaty and dirty, I looked all around me until my eyes connected with a tree that had been pruned by the wind. I hadn't noticed it before, but as I took a closer look, the tree had a different shape. Somehow it wasn't the same. I could feel the change. It had been dead looking with all of the branches that no longer had life in them, and now there was an invisible vitality that would soon manifest as new growth. I smiled and looked at Shadow.

"There is a quality that is hidden in the wind," he said. "It can lift your spirit, change things around, and make way for new things to appear in your life. It helps to clear up the mess, not make one." I was without words as I thanked Shadow for his wisdom. I will never complain about the wind again because now I know what The Shadow Knows.