Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Shadow Knows

The sun was peeking through the branches of a tree that shades Shadow's home as I sat warming myself waiting to hear what Shadow had to say. In his typical fashion, he immediately started to share with me, a broader view of something that I had only seen through my limited, physical vision.

"Good afternoon, Shadow. Do you have something to share with me today?"

"Watch me," he said. He stood motionless, and I could barely see him breathing. All of his muscles were focused with an intensity that would soon reveal its purpose. A beautiful butterfly was making itself known to Shadow. In one motion, Shadow swatted at the tiny creature and missed. This continued for a couple of minutes before the butterfly made its escape out of the dangerous territory.

A dragonfly had the next close encounter with Shadow and also made a daring escape. I knew Shadow was communicating with me as I could see the same pattern repeating itself except with different species. Finally I asked, "What are you saying, Shadow?" He sat down and stared at me.

"What do you see that has wings?" he asked. I looked around and noticed mosquitos, flies, dragonflies, butterflies, birds, and wasps just to name a few. As soon as I finished, he said, "Our spirits have wings that can fly over challenging situations to help us see things from different points of view. Do you see how many different kinds of wings there are? That is how many different ways there are to fly and overcome any challenge."

I smiled and looked with love on my wings that were beginning to take flight and soar because of what The Shadow Knows.