Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Cameron, The Tender Hearted

Roars can be deceiving especially when they come from Cameron. His love for Zabu speaks louder than any roar he could utter. Cameron maybe king of his territory, but his heart rules his life. Sometimes Zabu can create conflict with Cameron, but Cameron has the strength of compassion. He knows conflict is an unavoidable aspect of life.

How does Cameron handle conflict? Lay down in your favorite spot and ask Cameron to reveal his technique. As you quiet your mind, think of someone you love that you have had a recent conflict with, and there has been no resolution of the disagreement. Visualize the event again except this time instead of walking away angry, approach the conflict with an open heart. This allows us to learn from the conflict instead of missing the lesson. The manner in which we handle ourselves when confronted with conflict demonstrates our overall level of patience and compassion.

Conflict is generally motivated by unspoken needs that are masked by confrontational attitudes or aggressive behavior. When we approach conflict with love and compassion in our hearts, we empower ourselves to discover a means to attaining a win-win resolution for everyone. You have changed the dynamics of the situation and conflict just disappears. Cameron knows love conquers all. Send your love to Cameron and share your compassion with him as you now have a new way of handling conflict with those you love.