Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Balanced Bailey

Did you know that Bailey loves to play? She is a small Bobcat that lives in the heart of the sanctuary. Bailey loves people and can often be seen scampering from one corner of her Cat-A-Tat to another allowing people on tours to get great pictures of her. Yet, she knows when to be quiet and not allow her day to be all play. She has learned balance.

If you feel overwhelmed by your responsibilities, Bailey has an idea that can help you balance your day. Close your eyes and see yourself setting on a swing with Bailey next to you on her swing. Gently start to swing back and forth. As you swing, you will start to feel a natural rhythm. Allow yourself to let go and flow with the rhythm. Become one with the rhythm. Feel the effortlessness that comes with being in tune with the natural rhythm. When your day becomes hectic, close your eyes and feel the natural rhythm that you feel now. Daily obligations and responsibilities will magically get done as you flow with life. As you stop swinging, give Bailey a heart hug and thank her for sharing a fun way to rebalance your life.