Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Maya's Ghost Story for Halloween

Posted By:Big Cat Rescue

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Monday, October 30, 2006

Shere Power

Day after day, I sit in this small carrier that I have outgrown long ago. My nose presses against the wires of the door creating a pressure that makes it difficult for me to breathe. My nose is shaped by my inability to back up in my small pet carrier and grows flatter every day. I cannot stand up and move around as the walls of the only home I have ever known contract and restrict my activities. I do not get fresh food daily and if I do not eat all of it, I am forced to lay down on top of it. I sleep in what my body has eliminated through the day as my home is not cleaned unless someone remembers to clean me. My back legs have not developed right because I do not get the exercise I need. I feel sick most of the day because I do not get good food or care. I was told I was born "the wrong color" and no one wanted me, so they put me in this small home and forgot about me. I know someday, I will grow to be big and strong because I feel this power in my heart.

Shere Khan has experienced the darkness before the light. His early life contracted before it expanded. At times, he felt as though he was stuck in a room with no windows and no way out. He felt confused and discouraged not understanding why his life started in such an unnatural way. However, he was patient and perservered. He found the strength within to survive this constrictive way of life. Today, he is a beautiful tiger because of the good food, vitamins, plenty of room to exercise and a committment from Big Cat Rescue. The love that was given him from everyone at the sanctuary is being returned back to those in need from Shere Khan.

You may be wondering why you are facing constrictions even though you are doing good in the world, following your dreams and working on your personal growth. You may be feeling some panic as things are tight and mentally working overtime trying to figure out why things are happening the way they are. Shere Khan's message to you comes in the form of Shere Power, the kind of power that can only be found in your heart. Look to the natural world for inspiration as you observe surrender as part of a process of being born to a new way of being. In that surrender and in the center of your heart, you will find a willingness to trust in the unknown as you remember that your spirit is growing big and strong. Think of Shere Khan when you think things will never change. Allow the power in his heart to help awaken the power in your heart and soon you will see the light.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Shadow Knows

The feel of cool is finally in the air. Everything appears to be taking a deep sigh as the summer heat is now gone. I have been enjoying the crisp breezes in the morning as I volunteer at the sanctuary. Yesterday as I was cleaning the Cat-A-Tat's, I kept tripping over fallen branches and limbs. Quietly, I was thinking, "What a mess." Reaching down to pick up yet another branch, I no sooner had it in my hand when I heard, "Why is it a mess?" I looked up and saw Shadow sitting in front of me with closed eyes and sniffing the air. I watched him as he moved his head slowly to the right and then to the left, observing his nose constantly at work.

"The wind comes flying through here and snaps the branches from the trees creating this mess," I replied. Shadow continued to sniff the air acting as though he didn't hear me. I proceeded to pick up the debris and was about ready to leave when he said, "Do you see how the gusts of wind help you?"

Sweaty and dirty, I looked all around me until my eyes connected with a tree that had been pruned by the wind. I hadn't noticed it before, but as I took a closer look, the tree had a different shape. Somehow it wasn't the same. I could feel the change. It had been dead looking with all of the branches that no longer had life in them, and now there was an invisible vitality that would soon manifest as new growth. I smiled and looked at Shadow.

"There is a quality that is hidden in the wind," he said. "It can lift your spirit, change things around, and make way for new things to appear in your life. It helps to clear up the mess, not make one." I was without words as I thanked Shadow for his wisdom. I will never complain about the wind again because now I know what The Shadow Knows.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Cameron, The Tender Hearted

Roars can be deceiving especially when they come from Cameron. His love for Zabu speaks louder than any roar he could utter. Cameron maybe king of his territory, but his heart rules his life. Sometimes Zabu can create conflict with Cameron, but Cameron has the strength of compassion. He knows conflict is an unavoidable aspect of life.

How does Cameron handle conflict? Lay down in your favorite spot and ask Cameron to reveal his technique. As you quiet your mind, think of someone you love that you have had a recent conflict with, and there has been no resolution of the disagreement. Visualize the event again except this time instead of walking away angry, approach the conflict with an open heart. This allows us to learn from the conflict instead of missing the lesson. The manner in which we handle ourselves when confronted with conflict demonstrates our overall level of patience and compassion.

Conflict is generally motivated by unspoken needs that are masked by confrontational attitudes or aggressive behavior. When we approach conflict with love and compassion in our hearts, we empower ourselves to discover a means to attaining a win-win resolution for everyone. You have changed the dynamics of the situation and conflict just disappears. Cameron knows love conquers all. Send your love to Cameron and share your compassion with him as you now have a new way of handling conflict with those you love.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Who Am I?

I was living at a roadside zoo when I was rescued. No one respected me or knew who I was, but now I am King where I live. People often ask, "Who is that?" when I roar. Everyone wants to see me when they come to the sanctuary. I am a lover and am very protective of the love of my life. She is a bright light in my life. I am compassionate and have very deep feelings. You can find me sleeping in my favorite spot. Have I told you too much to know who I am?

Friday, October 13, 2006

Snorkel's Reflections

Snorkel is a master at "chuffing." His greetings always bring a smile to my face. Today was no different as I approached his Cat-A-Tat. After several minutes of saying hello, he stopped and gave me an intense stare. I knew he had something important he wanted to share with me. All I heard were the words ME and WE. My mind immediately repeated the two words. My feelings were questioning what Snorkel was communicating. I heard him start to chuff again and an intense feeling of love and warmth surrounded me.

"If you look in water, you see yourself. It is ME who I am looking at. But, look closer because you will see reflected back to you, WE. You are never alone." Join me as I send a wave of gratitude to Snorkel thanking him for sharing a short and simple lesson on how to develop the ears of an angel.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Balanced Bailey

Did you know that Bailey loves to play? She is a small Bobcat that lives in the heart of the sanctuary. Bailey loves people and can often be seen scampering from one corner of her Cat-A-Tat to another allowing people on tours to get great pictures of her. Yet, she knows when to be quiet and not allow her day to be all play. She has learned balance.

If you feel overwhelmed by your responsibilities, Bailey has an idea that can help you balance your day. Close your eyes and see yourself setting on a swing with Bailey next to you on her swing. Gently start to swing back and forth. As you swing, you will start to feel a natural rhythm. Allow yourself to let go and flow with the rhythm. Become one with the rhythm. Feel the effortlessness that comes with being in tune with the natural rhythm. When your day becomes hectic, close your eyes and feel the natural rhythm that you feel now. Daily obligations and responsibilities will magically get done as you flow with life. As you stop swinging, give Bailey a heart hug and thank her for sharing a fun way to rebalance your life.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Who Am I?

Come play with me as I have so many toys and like to have fun. My home is in the middle of the sanctuary, and I can see everything that goes on. I like people and love to see them walking by. I am small, so sometimes it is hard to find me. I like to get on my swing and show how balanced I am. I was very young when I came here and am used to having alot of attention. I am easy going and adapt easily. It won't be hard to guess who I am.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A Soulful Voyage

Darkness was creeping fast throughout the Sanctuary. It was the last Friday of the month, and the cats knew it was time for another Night Tour. Saving their energy through the day, they were ready to come out and play. Different shapes and sizes, and big eyes that glowed red or yellow could be seen from a distance. Roars and meows followed the group as they made their way to Tiger Lane.

This night was special because one of the tigers was saving a treat for the tour. Bengali's life journey was being shared with the group, when out of nowhere, he started to lead them to his favorite place. All eyes followed his huge body until at last he stopped and slowly put one gigantic paw into his pool of water. The other one followed as he gently eased his body into the water. Crooking his neck back to view the group, he let out a huge "chuff" and allowed his head to return viewing the front of his Cat-A-Tat.

Bengali communicated a very important message to the group. As the seasons change, all life starts to withdraw for the winter. Animals know this is a natural way of BEING that will help them gain strength for the next leg of their life's journey. Bengali would like to share a bath-time visualization with you to help you feel the natural rhythms of the seasons. Draw yourself a bath and place a drop of lavender oil in the water. Let yourself soak and imagine you are a tiger looking for a place to rest. Enter a forest or some form of dense vegetation jungle. Silence is all around you. Let yourself nest in a place that is just right for you. Ask Bengali to join you as you both fall into the stillness of the Earth. Know these feelings are natural as you align with the harmony of nature. When you are ready, take a deep breath and sigh as you come back out of the forest or jungle, feeling refreshed and renewed. Thank Bengali for introducing you to a way animals meditate to help them renew their spirit and BE in the flow of life's rhythms.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Shadow Knows

The sun was peeking through the branches of a tree that shades Shadow's home as I sat warming myself waiting to hear what Shadow had to say. In his typical fashion, he immediately started to share with me, a broader view of something that I had only seen through my limited, physical vision.

"Good afternoon, Shadow. Do you have something to share with me today?"

"Watch me," he said. He stood motionless, and I could barely see him breathing. All of his muscles were focused with an intensity that would soon reveal its purpose. A beautiful butterfly was making itself known to Shadow. In one motion, Shadow swatted at the tiny creature and missed. This continued for a couple of minutes before the butterfly made its escape out of the dangerous territory.

A dragonfly had the next close encounter with Shadow and also made a daring escape. I knew Shadow was communicating with me as I could see the same pattern repeating itself except with different species. Finally I asked, "What are you saying, Shadow?" He sat down and stared at me.

"What do you see that has wings?" he asked. I looked around and noticed mosquitos, flies, dragonflies, butterflies, birds, and wasps just to name a few. As soon as I finished, he said, "Our spirits have wings that can fly over challenging situations to help us see things from different points of view. Do you see how many different kinds of wings there are? That is how many different ways there are to fly and overcome any challenge."

I smiled and looked with love on my wings that were beginning to take flight and soar because of what The Shadow Knows.