Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sarabi's Guide to Success

Sarabi's physical strength is a paradox as you feel the love and compassion in her heart. Her roar can be heard throughout the sanctuary, yet her inspiration can be heard in stillness. A beautiful lion, she is very social and deeply cares about people. No matter what you are enduring, Sarabi's strength will empower you to meet the challenge.

If you feel frustrated or discouraged by the length of time it is taking you to fulfill your dreams, Sarabi invites you to see the situation from a different point of view by sitting beside her on the grassy perch. Close your eyes and allow the dream to fill your heart. See yourself doing what your heart tells you. Allow yourself to feel your dream materializing. See it happening in detail. Experience the excitement and joy as you succeed bringing your dream to fruition. Become aware that you are acting, feeling, and knowing as though it were already your reality, not just a dream.

Sarabi wants to be the first to congratulate you as she guided you to remember an important key to success. By acting as though it were, it is only a matter of time before it manifests in the physical. You have risen to meet the challenge. Sarabi extends her paws to enfold you with a hug that expands the blessings you have just received as you start living your dream. Thank Sarabi and send blessings of gratitude to her for helping guide you to success.