Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Remembering You

Amazing Grace is so excited about her home improvements, she is blessing us with her wisdom by sharing another poem today that gives us certainty in an uncertain world about our home we call Planet Earth.

Angels have heard the cries within your hearts, and as the darkness of men's souls begin to take flight, a stirring of radiance and love shines forth, dissolving illusions and guiding you as the forgotten light.

A new awakening is beginning to unfold,
manifesting compassion as ancient scribes once told,
of a golden age of peace and One,
promised long ago by a special Christed Son.

Tears will dry as you remember who you are,
having forgotten you are God's shining stars.
Abuse will end, and your hearts will heal,
as you now know what you do to others, you also feel.

Love is the currency creating new ways of Being,
old ways are gone and soon you will be seeing,
Caring and sharing, each doing their part,
will quicken this process of sharing One heart.