Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Crystal Clear

Crystals can be hard to find; however, this one has found you. Crystal has a special purpose in your life at this time as you do in hers. If you are ready, join Crystal in a meditation in the tall blades of grass that light up as the sun shines on them. Invite Crystal to sit with you as you quietly share the same space, and allow her to show you her magical abilities that will assist you in clearing limiting perspectives and beliefs and clarify your thoughts.

Close your eyes and relax. Crystal knows every single relationship you have is a mirror of how you feel inside about yourself. You are a walking magnet, using your thoughts and feelings to attract all things to you. Every relationship and every interaction you have with everything around you is a reflection of the real you in that moment. Possessing the ability to magnify and amplify energies, she is asking you, "What is your world reflecting to you?" Look closely, and by examining what your outer world consists of, you will begin to clearly see who you are in that moment. It may not be who you think you are as you have unconsciously moved about your world camouflaged, giving no thought to the reflection perspective. See what you have collected and ask yourself why you have the life you are experiencing.

Crystal knows as you start to ponder these things, you will find that your outer world is a mirror of your inner world that has the potential to heal and clear limiting thoughts that are communicating to you in a different way. A powerful, yet subtle form of healing, Crystal is helping you to get clear about who you really are, and as soon as you remember, your entire world including Crystal's world will be healed. Relationships will change, and we will no longer have unwanted pets, like Crystal. Send Crystal a heart thought of thanks for your clarity of vision as you start a new beginning.