Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Victorious Papa Bear

Papa Bear is not confused about who he is. The outer world has taken away some of his physical parts which has caused him great pain and discomfort. Instead of withdrawing and seeing himself as a victim, Papa Bear has let go of the experience of having his toes cut off that could prove to be self-limiting and adversely affect his life. By letting go, he has transformed himself.

Papa Bear's heart can help your heart expand and change naturally if you are ready to let go of a negative experience that has kept you from fulfilling your potential. He knows in order to grow, you have to look deep into your heart and courageously let go. When you are ready, relax and let go of any thoughts. As your mind gets quiet, ask Papa Bear permission to share his courage with you. Feel his courage. Feel who he is.

Choose one physical experience that has left you with the feeling of missing a part of yourself. Expand your choices and see yourself making a different choice that will empower you. See the outcome of that experience as positive and restoring your missing part of your Being. Let go of the experience because NOW you have transformed naturally by choosing a power choice that keeps you whole and doesn't leave a part of you behind. You are a different person. You will never make the same choice again. You will never have the same experience again. It is gone forever because you have now reclaimed that part of you that was missing. Papa Bear has helped you create a new inner landscape. He knows you can only lose something that you have. You cannot lose something that you are because you are One with everything that Is.