Thursday, August 24, 2006

'Cause That's Alachua Bob

Alachua Bob reminds us that you don't have to make noise to make a difference. You can be quiet, remain in the background and support a cause. He has compassion and love in his heart for cats around the world and wants to remind you of some of the ways you can support the cats at the sanctuary.

Everyday, go to, and click on the bone that says "Feed A Big Cat." This helps to financially support the daily feedings of the cats. Another way to support their cause is to click on "Take Action" and sign the current petitions that will give the cats a voice to enact new legislation for their benefit. You can also recycle ink cartridges and schedule a tour to see some of your favorite cats at the sanctuary. Education is key whenever you support a cause. Take time to learn why the cats are at Big Cat Rescue and why the sanctuary came into being. Alachua Bob is sharing his favorite cause with you. Help support him, along with the other cats, so in the future, sanctuaries will only be a memory.