Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Visionary Windsong

Windsong, at last, comes forward announcing herself as one of the spiritual leaders at the sanctuary. She answers the question, “Who Am I?” with another question. Is your concept of a song a specific lyric or melody? If the answer is yes, she has an empowerment tool she wants you to experience that will expand your concept of a song and help you manifest the invisible and align your intention with your creative purpose.

Ancient societies acknowledged singing as a source of healing for the heart. Working with our voice in any way feeds the essence of who we are. Windsong asks, “What is your favorite song?” Close your eyes and listen. When you know what it is, write it down on paper. What are the words saying to you? Are there any lyrics at all or just melodies? How does the song make you feel? When you examine your favorite song, an invisible outward connection will manifest revealing the creative aspects of who you are and give you important insights of your inner being. Windsong reminds you when you sing or hum your favorite song, you are remembering who you are that has been hidden or forgotten. Your essence is a song. Your heart will start to open again and heal. With an open heart and a clear intention, you will experience creating on purpose. I know you won’t forget to thank her for this empowerment tool because Windsong will stay on your mind.