Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Trick-E Being

Trick-E is a beautiful Amur Leopard Cat. He has had an image of himself that doesn't align with his inner BEING. He had compared himself with Moses, a Southern Bobcat, and felt ugly. Weary of being lonely, he is now ready to BE himself, accepting who he is. Gingerly walking around his territory, he is allowing himself to be seen.

Trick-E is walking beside you and wanting to share with you his courage to BE who you are. He asks you to look into a mirror. Who do you see? Do you see someone who compares themselves to others? Do you see someone who sees themselves inferior because you don't look the way you think you should? Has the real you remained hidden and out of sight for years because you didn't measure up to the world's standards? Trick-E is giving you the acceptance of his heart to BE who you are. He knows no one has seen the real you, and NOW is the time to allow the world to see who you are. There is no need to compare. The lonely days are gone. Just BE.