Sunday, July 30, 2006

Simba's Guessing Games

Simba enjoys guessing games. It is one of his abilities that provides him information. He is able to KNOW who you are when he sees you. He KNOWS because his heart tells him. Guessing can be fun and used as a tool that can help you connect with your heart.

Knowing only comes from the heart. It is called intuition. This is Simba's way of assisting you in developing your intuition. Building confidence is critical to trusting what your heart is communicating. A simple guessing game involving a deck of cards will help you build confidence in heart communications. Ask Simba to play with you. See and feel him laying beside you as you start your game. He will share his abilities with you. Allow his heart to speak to yours as you begin to guess what color card you are holding. Is the card black or red? Do not force the answer. Allow it to come to you. Do not get discouraged if you do not guess accurately at first. You WILL guess accurately more and more as you practice with this tool. You will know which color you are holding as you trust what you heart speaks. When you finish, thank Simba for sharing a fun way to hear heart whispers.