Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Shadow Knows

“Do you hear the sound of the lizard as he moves quickly to shelter himself from sight?” asked Shadow.

I had not been aware of any lizard. At first, I heard nothing but the chatter of my mind reminding me of things I needed to do before the end of the day. My mind gradually gave way to a heightened state of alertness, and I could hear the barely perceptible rustling of the fallen leaves.

“I hear him now,” I said.

“It is a simple thing to listen to a lizard move, rain splashing as it hits the grass, thunder vibrating the ground where I sleep, and the wind moving past me. I asked if you heard the SOUND of the lizard. You thought of the lizard. You did not notice the simple thing of listening. I am content to listen. Simple. Insignificant. It is the environment necessary for the joy of BEING.”

Is it possible that I cannot become aware of myself because I am constantly BEING aware of something else? Is this the message being shared that The Shadow Knows?