Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Shadow Knows

When I was at the sanctuary on Thursday, I observed Jade sniffing around one of the palmetto bushes in her Cat-A-Tat. As I continued to watch her, I noticed she was peeking around every little blade of grass that was making a new appearance in the world, moving in the direction of any slight sound to see who may be visiting her, and playing with a bug at her leisure until the bug gave up and she lost interest. I pondered if this was the behavior that gave birth to the idea of "Curiosity Killed the Cat." I knew immediately who would know-The Shadow.

Shadow, is it true that curiosity killed the cat?

Shadow smiles and begins to lay down and roll over on his back. He sits up.

How can it kill me? It is my way of learning. It is natural to be curious.

Can being curious get you in trouble?

What is trouble?

Can being curious kill you?

Being curious does not kill me. What I am learning from can kill me.

I apologize for not understanding that subtle distinction the first time, Shadow. How does being curious help you learn?

It stimulates anticipation. I look forward and get excited about new things. It feels good to be curious. I watch to see how it moves and what I must do. I learn how to move so I can get it. I learn when to move. It is how I search for what I need. Curiosity helps me to survive.

Thank you Shadow for sharing with me today.