Saturday, July 22, 2006

A Purrpose-Full Translation

The title of this post came in a dream to my friend, Dixie, from Hercules. Dixie was with me last Friday at the sanctuary on a tour when "An Enlightened Happyning" unfolded. What did you hear the cats saying? Are you ready to have a new perspective revealed to you that will help you create what you want?

The cats are sharing with us wisdom about giving and receiving. When Tonga started to meow, he was giving me an indication that something out of the ordinary was happening. Why? Tonga very seldom meows. Next, both Banjo and Sylvester sitting high in trees communicates they are looking at things from a higher perspective. I knew whatever this message was, I had to let go of an old way of seeing something. Banjo was also trying to catch a limb, but couldn't get a hold of it. This confirmed a new way of seeing something because he was having a hard time catching it. It was in front of him; however, he couldn't quite get it. The next subtle communication was when I had dropped my sunglasses and was determined to go back and get them. I felt very strong about this as these were the only pair I owned. It was almost instant manifestation when I went back to find them.

The purrpose-full translation is a new way of looking at giving and receiving. Most of us do not have any problem with giving; however, it is often difficult for us to receive. We have old belief systems about this process that no longer work for us. The cats are sharing with us this higher way of looking at giving and receiving that will serve us in this awakening world:

To give is to create with heartfelt Intentions
To receive will result in Manifestation

We have tried to create with affirmations, power words, mantras, positive visualization and often we do not manifest. It is our concepts and beliefs we have about giving and receiving that stop the manifestations. By giving with your heart in the form of an intention, you FEEL instead of think, which sends forth creative power, and you WILL receive as the result of your intention as a manifestation.

There is one more part of this new way of creating that Sylvester communicated as his tail swished back and forth. When he told me, it was "a bun dance", Hercules clarified it as Abundance. Intentions will result in Manifestations providing Abundance created by the heart.