Friday, July 07, 2006

Hercules Unchained

The blizzard had been raging for four days. Cold, ice, and wind had penetrated the thick hair of the snow leopard as he had ventured out many times to search for dinner. He had been unsuccessful in his tries and had finally retreated to his den. Restless and hungry, the pain in his empty stomach kept gnawing at him until he could wait no longer. His head peaking outside the den was greeted by a forceful gust of freezing wind and ice that forced him back inside. He paced and paced. Determined to quiet his hunger, he started his journey. He measured each step he took as his footing was exposed to the treacherous, icy ridgeline of the mountain. Focused on each small curve, he maneuvered his body to adjust to the swirling, howling wind. Suddenly, below him was a form coming into view through the blowing snow. A Himalayan blue sheep was lost and trying to find refuge from the storm. She was at least 30’ away, and he knew he must make a huge leap if he was to eat today. All of his attention was focused on her, and he seized the moment, capturing his dinner.

“Seize the moment,” a simple, small act wherein lies the greatest power, said Hercules. BEING in the present moment gives you access to this power. BEING in the present moment gives it access to you.

Hercules was teaching me a different perspective of what it meant to “seize the moment.” I had been taught I would lose the opportunity that was being presented if I did not act on or seize the moment. The opportunity would be gone forever. Hercules was showing me when I do not seize the moment, I am losing access to the power contained within the moment that creates the opportunity, which is the primary reason to seize the moment, and losing the opportunity is the secondary reason because where is the opportunity if you do not have access to the power to bring it into manifestation?