Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Gratitude Creates the Impossible

Sundari and all of the cats at the sanctuary thank you for your heartfelt gratitude the last two weeks. As a result of your gratitude, something (k)new is happening. The cougar cubs expressed their desire to have a maternal influence in their lives. They asked Bagheera, a Black Leopard, to be their maternal mentor. She agreed and was very excited. Orion, Artemis, and Ares asked Bagheera because of the deep love she has in her heart. Bagheera has never had kittens of her own and jumped at the opportunity. She remembers her wild nature, which will help the cubs remember theirs as they adapt in a new environment. They also wanted a male presence, who would support them and give them a father's love. Saber, a Black Leopard, volunteered. He is very playful and silly and feels as though he has what it takes to mentor three cubs. After all, how hard can it be?

Gratitude transformed the impossible into reality. Two Black Leopards volunteered to fulfill the role of parents to three orphaned cougar cubs. This would never happen in the wild. The cubs have had an emptiness in their hearts after losing their biological mother. Bagheera and Saber were chosen because of what the cubs saw in their hearts. It didn't matter that they were a different species. The cubs need love. Bagheera and Saber have transcended any differences they may have physically and are showing us that love is the only reality, and everything else is just an illusion.