Thursday, July 20, 2006

An Enlightened Happyning

Beads of sweat were trickling down the middle of my back as I was walking along the tour path at the sanctuary last Friday. Echoes of Cameron’s roars pierced the heavy, stale air as the guineas pecked at the ground searching for their next delicacy. Peacocks and swans were hastily making their way toward the group when out of the corner of my eye; I saw a white flash of light. Tonga had magically appeared and was very excited to share with me information about a group communication that the cats were discussing.

I had yet to hear Tonga’s physical voice; however, this was the first indication I had that something exciting was going on as he continued to “meow.” All of my senses were put on full alert as I continued to walk the path. It wasn’t long before I came to Banjo sitting high in a tree trying to catch something. I thought this might be a rare occurrence as was verified to me later.

Near the end of the tour, I stopped at Sylvester’s Cat-A-Tat. Gawking upward, my neck straining like a turtle who checks things out before moving on, I saw Sylvester perched on the third level of his tree house with his tail swishing back and forth. I made the comment to my friend that she should take a picture as it would make a great tail shot. Sylvester was quick to reply, “It is a bun dance”. We laughed and moved on in anticipation to see Hercules.

Hidden quietly in a corner, you could only see his eyes at first. No movement was initiated, at least with his physical body. I took off my sunglasses and bent down. Our eyes locked. Neither of us blinked. The moment passed, and I moved on. As the group approached the end of the tour, I noticed I had lost my sunglasses. Afterwards, I told the tour guide, if they found them to please keep them, as I would be back later. As I shopped with my friend, I started thinking those sunglasses were the only pair I had, and I needed them. I could not wait. I knew I had to go back and get them. I asked the tour guide to please go with me to retrieve them.

It wasn’t long before I arrived at the location where I dropped my sunglasses. Hercules was sitting quietly, watching me as I approached. Our eyes met, and he asked me if I had understood the message today. I said, “No.” Within a few minutes, he explained what the group had communicated.

Now, you have the message that was communicated by the community. What do you hear as the message? What has the community said? Remember, communication is more than the spoken word. Look for the subtlies. Tune in tomorrow as I reveal the message. Hint: They are sharing with us a new perspective about creating.