Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Shadow Knows

When I communicate with animals, I never have an idea of what they want to discuss. I generally sit down and listen. Something extraordinary happened this week in my communication with Shadow. He asked me what I thought freedom was. I paused and asked him why he was asking me a question about freedom. He said he often hears people, passing by on the tours, discussing the cats and freedom. Shadow and I continued our conversation, and I present you the ancient, yet simple wisdom that The Shadow Knows.

Shadow, what is freedom to you?

Knowing my soul connection from where I came, for this is genuine freedom.

Are you sharing with me freedom is an inner connection?

Yes. It is a connection of love.

Shadow, how can I know this connection of love?

Enter and watch the silence. It is a vital function.

Can you clarify how it is a vital function?

It is seeing the inner world where the present moment is all there is. Sense the eternal. Listen to the silence. See and hear things precisely. A single moment that is always now. Present moment is all there is. There is nothing else. Is that not freedom?

Thank you Shadow for sharing with me today.