Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Shadow Knows

Upon numerous visits to Big Cat Rescue sanctuary, one of the magnificent cats that continually wants to communicate is Shadow. He is a Western Cougar that the other cats at the sanctuary feel comfortable in consulting. He is very easy to talk with and would like to share with you what he knows. I will be posting a weekly communication session as we find out what lurks in the hearts of animals, and as some of you may recall and all of you will come to realize, The Shadow Knows.

Shadow, how important is your environment to you?

My environment is everything to me. It determines a lot of my behavior.

What do you mean it determines your behavior?

It communicates with me. I have to see. It is not a choice. I see details. My survival depends on details. I react to my environment. My behavior can be understood when you clearly see the details.

How do you see details?

I use all my senses. I smell odors. I see changes in routines. I hear movement. I feel the emotions of other creatures. I taste textures.

Shadow, will understanding an animal's environment help to communicate with the animal?

Yes. My behavior changes when my environment changes. See the details in my environment and they will speak to you. Look to see what I see. You will see what I see and experience what I experience. Then, communication is easy because you will know.

Thank you Shadow for your wisdom.