Friday, June 16, 2006

I am Tonga.

I am a White Serval. I am one of only two White Servals in the world. My purpose in living at the sanctuary is to help create harmony, peace, and balance for all who live here. I am able to do this by transmuting negative energy. One way I transmute negative energy is to allow it to flow through me, just like a breeze that passes over me. The negative energy disappears and reappears as a higher vibration that creates an environment which encourages those who occupy it to become harmonious, peaceful, and balanced in themselves.


I can help you remember how to transmute energy. Close your eyes and relax. Think of something that has hurt you. Make the decision to let it go. Now, think of something you hold dear in your heart. Feel the love. Allow the love to flow through your body. Send the feeling of love in your heart to me and I will reflect back to you the pure white light you have forgotten you are.