Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Hercules Unchained

As I drift to sleep, high in the Himalayan Mountains, a snow leopard awakens. It is barely dawn, and he starts his journey for food. Solitary by nature, he has learned to communicate from a distance. The solitude has instilled a peaceful awareness that leaves him desiring avoidance of confrontation and injury. He communicates this desire as he marks a ridgeline so others will know he has passed this way. During the morning hours, he finds his meal for the day. He chooses a wild goat knowing this helps keep the mountain healthy. The snow leopard's stomach is now full, and it is time to retire until the magical hour at dusk. As he closes his eyes to sleep, I slowly awaken to a voice repeating, "Hercules Unchained."

I know immediately Hercules is communicating with me from a distance. He has shared a vision with me as I slept and wants to pass along wisdom that only comes with solitude. Join us on a weekly journey as Hercules shares spiritual strengths for an awakening world.

Hercules starts our journey by asking us, "How do you measure pain"� You think your pain is greater than another's pain. Who is to say which is greater? Pain is pain. One is not greater than another. When you realize this, you will understand another's pain and not measure.