Thursday, June 01, 2006

Did you guess Little White Dove?

Little White Dove doesn't have any doubt that you know who she is. During my communication with her, she changed her behavior. She was more relaxed, peaceful and continues to exhibit calmness. All she wanted was to be acknowledged as the female leader.

Little White Dove knows how it feels not to be acknowledged for who you are. She wants to send you a heartfelt message. To receive yours, close your eyes and see Little White Dove. Ask her permission to speak with her. With permission given, breathe deeply and feel a warmth enter your heart. Allow the warmth to flow throughout your entire body as you continue to breathe deeply. Feel the calm and relaxed feeling that envelopes your whole being as you know you have been acknowledged for who you are.

One of the ways you can tell if your communication is accurate is the animal will have a change of behavior. You know how you feel when someone understands you or you talk and during the process, get it off your chest. Often, we take a deep sigh and move on because it is resolved. The animals feel the same way. Observe their behavior. This is another aspect of animal communication.