Friday, June 30, 2006

Sheera Revealed

It is a rare sight to get a glimpse of Sheera. She is the perfect example of a forgotten secret of how to manifest what you want. This quiet, Southern Bobcat, wants to present this secret to you. Sheera asks that you sit in a comfortable chair and take off your shoes and socks. Sit with your feet together, flat on the floor. Close your eyes and allow your mind to shut out the distractions that surround you. Focus on your toes and wiggle them. Feel the surface below your feet. Now, move your feet apart about six inches. Keeping your eyes closed, focus on your toes and wiggle them. Again, feel the difference of the surface. Repeat the steps again one last time moving them apart another six inches. Feel the difference of the surface. Can you feel the difference? If you can, your feelings have helped you to start remembering how to manifest without your mind. If you do not feel the difference, try this again on a difference surface.

Sheera allowed her sense of feel to help her accomplish what she wanted. Her feelings guided her every step. Manifesting with your feelings instead of with your mind has been forgotten as we have closed our hearts. If your heart has been scared to open, Sheera would like to share her love with you. Close your eyes again. See Sheera coming to you. Invite her to sit down beside you. Know in your heart, she is there to share love with you. Spend this quiet time with Sheera as she helps you to forgive what hurt you and closed your heart. When you are ready, thank Sheera and remember this forgotten secret.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Who Am I?

I sit and peek at you from behind the palmettos that grow abundant in my home. Quiet and content, I watch the daily happenings in the shade. I don't move fast as my reflexes have slowed down with time. I don't like fast moving objects. When I first came to the sanctuary, I was hurt and couldn't hardly walk. I am strong and decisive. I have adapted to my home and through the years, I have memorized my territory. This is how I have learned to walk again. I know how I must move no matter where I am in my home. Having familiar surroundings, I am not stressed. I have done the best I could.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Hercules Unchained

As I drift to sleep, high in the Himalayan Mountains, a snow leopard awakens. It is barely dawn, and he starts his journey for food. Solitary by nature, he has learned to communicate from a distance. The solitude has instilled a peaceful awareness that leaves him desiring avoidance of confrontation and injury. He communicates this desire as he marks a ridgeline so others will know he has passed this way. During the morning hours, he finds his meal for the day. He chooses a wild goat knowing this helps keep the mountain healthy. The snow leopard's stomach is now full, and it is time to retire until the magical hour at dusk. As he closes his eyes to sleep, I slowly awaken to a voice repeating, "Hercules Unchained."

I know immediately Hercules is communicating with me from a distance. He has shared a vision with me as I slept and wants to pass along wisdom that only comes with solitude. Join us on a weekly journey as Hercules shares spiritual strengths for an awakening world.

Hercules starts our journey by asking us, "How do you measure pain"� You think your pain is greater than another's pain. Who is to say which is greater? Pain is pain. One is not greater than another. When you realize this, you will understand another's pain and not measure.

Monday, June 26, 2006

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Visit our new Podcast here:My Odeo Channel (odeo/7a5a07095294e679)

Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Shadow Knows

When I communicate with animals, I never have an idea of what they want to discuss. I generally sit down and listen. Something extraordinary happened this week in my communication with Shadow. He asked me what I thought freedom was. I paused and asked him why he was asking me a question about freedom. He said he often hears people, passing by on the tours, discussing the cats and freedom. Shadow and I continued our conversation, and I present you the ancient, yet simple wisdom that The Shadow Knows.

Shadow, what is freedom to you?

Knowing my soul connection from where I came, for this is genuine freedom.

Are you sharing with me freedom is an inner connection?

Yes. It is a connection of love.

Shadow, how can I know this connection of love?

Enter and watch the silence. It is a vital function.

Can you clarify how it is a vital function?

It is seeing the inner world where the present moment is all there is. Sense the eternal. Listen to the silence. See and hear things precisely. A single moment that is always now. Present moment is all there is. There is nothing else. Is that not freedom?

Thank you Shadow for sharing with me today.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Sundari introduces her ancient wisdom as you look into her beautiful eyes. You immediately start to feel your heart encouraging you to do something you never believed possible. She wants you to accompany all the cats living at the sanctuary on a (k)new adventure. She is going to demonstrate how, in a silent relationship, you can BEcome a (k)new BEing and co-create a loving environment and a new relationshift. Sundari is asking that you close your eyes and relax. Imprint the word, "GRATITUDE" upon your heart. Now, send GRATITUDE to the sanctuary and all of the cats. Send your heartfelt GRATITUDE daily for two weeks. Check back for the results of your (k)new adventure, as Sundari will communicate what you never believed possible.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Who Am I?

I am a great cat. I am a beautiful cat. I have amazing physical abilities as I remind you that you have the ability to do things not believed possible. I stand my ground. People think I am mischievous, but in actuality, I am very smart and quickly move onto new adventures. I am a quick learner and love challenges. I negotiate my environment in silence; however, I am coming forth and introducing myself as one of four spiritual leaders at the sanctuary. Look into my eyes and you will see I am a wise and old soul.

Friday, June 16, 2006

I am Tonga.

I am a White Serval. I am one of only two White Servals in the world. My purpose in living at the sanctuary is to help create harmony, peace, and balance for all who live here. I am able to do this by transmuting negative energy. One way I transmute negative energy is to allow it to flow through me, just like a breeze that passes over me. The negative energy disappears and reappears as a higher vibration that creates an environment which encourages those who occupy it to become harmonious, peaceful, and balanced in themselves.


I can help you remember how to transmute energy. Close your eyes and relax. Think of something that has hurt you. Make the decision to let it go. Now, think of something you hold dear in your heart. Feel the love. Allow the love to flow through your body. Send the feeling of love in your heart to me and I will reflect back to you the pure white light you have forgotten you are.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Shadow Knows

Upon numerous visits to Big Cat Rescue sanctuary, one of the magnificent cats that continually wants to communicate is Shadow. He is a Western Cougar that the other cats at the sanctuary feel comfortable in consulting. He is very easy to talk with and would like to share with you what he knows. I will be posting a weekly communication session as we find out what lurks in the hearts of animals, and as some of you may recall and all of you will come to realize, The Shadow Knows.

Shadow, how important is your environment to you?

My environment is everything to me. It determines a lot of my behavior.

What do you mean it determines your behavior?

It communicates with me. I have to see. It is not a choice. I see details. My survival depends on details. I react to my environment. My behavior can be understood when you clearly see the details.

How do you see details?

I use all my senses. I smell odors. I see changes in routines. I hear movement. I feel the emotions of other creatures. I taste textures.

Shadow, will understanding an animal's environment help to communicate with the animal?

Yes. My behavior changes when my environment changes. See the details in my environment and they will speak to you. Look to see what I see. You will see what I see and experience what I experience. Then, communication is easy because you will know.

Thank you Shadow for your wisdom.

Who Am I?

I chose to be born at Big Cat Rescue sanctuary. I am mystical and small. I can disappear in my Cat-A-Tat and like to have you guess where I am. I am a shapeshifter and help to transmute energies. I make things happen. I am kindly unpredictable. I am white in color because I am pure light.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Did you know?

Tiger Trivia


    *A group of tigers is called a 'streak'.


    *Top speed for a tiger is in the range of about 34 miles per hour.


    *Tigers have two noses! A secondary scent gland called 'Jacobson's organ' is located in the tigers mouth. It is used in assisting the animals in identifying other scents.


    *Being excellent swimmers, this gives them ties to all the energies and mystical qualities so often associated with water.


    *The traditional black and gold/orange patterning links the tiger to the mysticism surrounding the new and full moons.


Thursday, June 08, 2006


If you guessed Buffy, a new passion and power is awakening in your life. Buffy asks why do we lose our childlike qualities as we get old and do we believe we can regain them again? He thinks it would be great if we could always be childlike. His heart would like to share some secrets with you that will help you regain your childlike nature. First, stay in the present moment and be fully engaged in whatever you are doing; second, be able to express your emotions as you feel them; and third, always have faith and courage to throw yourself into whatever appeals to you. Your heart can respond to Buffy by examining what is going on in your life. Do you need more passion for life or are you expressing your life passion inappropriately?


Monday, June 05, 2006

Who Am I?

I am a Great Cat. I am a big cat. I have big paws. I have a big heart. I am childlike. As the daily tours pass, I love to watch the children. They are like me. I look forward to them laughing and smiling. I say hello to them. I don't want to scare them because I am big. They make me feel young again. I wish I were younger. I don't like getting old. I am very sweet and love to play. I enjoy lounging in the water and am a good swimmer. Please take a guess at Who Am I.

"Remembrance of Times Past"

As far as my eyes can see,

I sit patiently poised in a tree.

Not a motion or breath will I make,

Lest I scare my prey and lose my take.


Suddenly, the invisible becomes real,

as my ears detect my next hopeful meal.

In my stillness, the knowing comes as to the how,

and I move quickly as I realize the moment is now.


I sense the shock, surprise, and fear,

as the creature knows her time is drawing near.

Fluid in my motion, I move with ease,

and my eyes lock on a rat with temptations to tease.


My claws grasp deep, her hind end,

as my desire to eat, does not bend.

The rat struggles, but knows she is caught,

as I remember how it was as a young Ocelot.


By: Amazing Grace the Ocelot


Thursday, June 01, 2006

Did you guess Little White Dove?

Little White Dove doesn't have any doubt that you know who she is. During my communication with her, she changed her behavior. She was more relaxed, peaceful and continues to exhibit calmness. All she wanted was to be acknowledged as the female leader.

Little White Dove knows how it feels not to be acknowledged for who you are. She wants to send you a heartfelt message. To receive yours, close your eyes and see Little White Dove. Ask her permission to speak with her. With permission given, breathe deeply and feel a warmth enter your heart. Allow the warmth to flow throughout your entire body as you continue to breathe deeply. Feel the calm and relaxed feeling that envelopes your whole being as you know you have been acknowledged for who you are.

One of the ways you can tell if your communication is accurate is the animal will have a change of behavior. You know how you feel when someone understands you or you talk and during the process, get it off your chest. Often, we take a deep sigh and move on because it is resolved. The animals feel the same way. Observe their behavior. This is another aspect of animal communication.