Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Did you guess Missouri?

If you did, you have already made a heart connection. Missouri is a beautiful cougar. Her human family could not take care of her and Cody, her brother, due to a divorce. Once a family pet, abandoned and unwanted, she now has a new family at the sanctuary.

If you want to help Missouri build trust again, try the following animal communication technique. Close your eyes. Get quiet and picture Missouri in your mind. Ask her if you have permission to send her a heart whisper. If it is okay, see the word "trust" written upon your heart. Now, see your heart going forth like a beam of light touching Missouri's heart. See Missouri's heart with the word "trust" written upon it. You can also send her the feeling of trust. She will hear what your heart has said. You have made a difference in Missouri's life. She thanks you.